Petty Officer Stoker William Wood, R.N.

Portrait of William Wood taken about 1900.

William Wood seen in 1910 at HMS Vivid.

William Wood aged 42, was a Petty Officer Stoker in HMS Goliath the night she was sunk by the Germans/Turks in 1915.  He left behind a widow, Ethel Florence, five children, the youngest being my Dad Lionel then aged 18 months and his mother Louisa and stepfather Alexander Horton. They all lived in Maurice Town Devonport Devon.

Williams mother Louisa died 12 months after him in 1916, his step father having died 6 months earlier. So almost within one year of the sinking of the Goliath his mother had lost both her son and husband, but the first world war had many more tragedies than that. In 2008 I, along with my partner Beryl decided to make a pilgrimage to visit the spot where the Goliath went down and laid a wreath and flowers on behalf of my family, not only in remembrance of my Grandfather but of the 500+ other souls who lost their lives that fatal night in 1915. God Bless them all.

Brian Wood,
Grandson of William Wood, R.N.

William Wood Service Number 163112

Joined the Navy on 1st December 1894

Invalided out 16th February 1912

Recalled 2nd August 1914

Died for his country on 13th May 1915

William Wood is remembered on the Cenotaph on Plymouth Hoe


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