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Jan. 18, 2020

My wife's grandfather served on HMS Canopus. He was a stoker called Henry Bird, and came from Bristol. He was a naval reservist and we think he sailed from Pembroke dock in August 1914, down to the Falklands, and later to the Dardenelles. He suffered what would now be called PTSD and it is said he would throw furniture around in his violent rages. It is said he was awarded a badge for throwing overboard a hot shell badly burning his hand. We would like to find evidence of Naval service.

Geoff Bennett

Aug. 1, 2018

Can you tell me was there a Kinsale man second name Murray a gunner on the HMS Canopus. He was Irish and served in the South American campaign of defending Port Stanley in which shots were fired at a German pocket battleship.

Yours in good faith,
Tom Soderlund

Dec. 26, 2011

My step grandfather "Pop" Noel, a Channel Islander served on the Canopus in the early part of WW1 and then was sent ashore to man naval guns, possibly off loaded from the Canopus in the Sinai Desert were he suffered from sun induced blindness due to the glare from the red rocks. Is there any way I can verify this story?

R. V. Clifford

June 6, 2011

My great-grandfather died on this great battleship in 1915 in the battle in the Dardanelles. I was amazed to see the group photo taken the same year as his death.

Rosemary Roda

Dec. 16, 2006

Well I am sure there won't be any shipmates of my grandfathers' logging into the message board. He served on Canopus around 1903. I am tracing his naval record before he was invalided out in 1904.
You have an interesting site.

Best regards,
Mike Ruskin

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