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May 29, 2023

Known as "Beery Barham" she was my father's favourite ship. He was known as "Barracks" RNB Brown. I'm guessing it was he, who cracked the joke, that was how he was.

Peter Brown

Aug. 12, 2009

My dad does not know much about his dad, but we do know that he served on the HMS Barham as my dad used to play with some items from the ship when he was a little boy. We also know that he was on the ship on 25th November 1941, we remember this as it is my dad's birthday. He was one of the very lucky men to survive the ship's sinking. The story in the family is that he swam to all the lifeboats asking if they had any rum on board and he didn't get into a boat until he found one with some rum (he liked a drink)!

So all I am wondering is...... is there any photographs of the men that were on the ship at this time including my grandfather? His name was Kenneth Sutton and I think he as born early 1920's but no later than 1925. Thanks so much.

Claire-Marie Sutton

Nov. 22, 2008

Can you please give me any information about the superstructure of the Barham? I am particularly interested in
the topmost area of the superstructure, what was it for, as the bridge seems to be directly above the DCT?

Geoffrey Dann
RN '48 to '75

Feb. 13, 2008

I am trying to obtain any information on my father, a Frederick Parker who was a Royal Marine and served on the HMS Barham, I realize this is a very vague request but I am unable to give you any other information i.e. dates or anything like that, my father was killed in 1952 on a 36 hour leave pass in England. I am asking as I would like to obtain a photo of him as I don't have any.  Any info you can give me or advise me of where to search would be appreciated. Thanking you.

Marilyn McDonald

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