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Mar. 31, 2020

I've had this for donkeys years, well since my dad died 49 yrs. back, he inherited from his. The company that made it is still in existence

Roger Jones


Mar. 31, 2014

My father, Albert George Ritchie, served on the Audacious as a gunner. He served the Royal Navy in two world wars and was batman to Admiral Beatty in Scotland. Has anybody a photograph of the crew which I would love to see.

Many thanks
Dorothy Batchelor (nee Ritchie)

Sept. 6, 2007

I am currently reading The King's Ships Were at Sea , by James Goldrick (USNIP, 1984) - in his discussion of the sinking of the HMS Audacious, the author mentions that several passengers of the liner Olympic took photographs of the ship in distress, and one passenger had taken what he terms a "moving film" of the event.  Do you know of the existence of this film?  It being taken in 1914, it is more than likely that the passage of time has destroyed it - but it's worth asking about, at any rate.  I wonder if the RN confiscated the photographs (and film) taken by the American passengers - the book makes no mention of that possibility. Curiosity about the existence or availability of that film caused me to look for references to it on the internet, and even if I never find out about that film, I am certainly happy that I found your website - it is absolutely fantastic!!

Thank you,
Donald Moore

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