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Aug. 28, 2013

At a Richmond, Virginia yard sale, I purchased a Lutjens plaque (pictures below) with a hand-written, signed letter on the reverse side. I have since become very interested in the story of the Lutjens D-185 (DDG 28) as I was assigned to the US Navy DDG 24 (Waddell). I'm also impressed with the Lutjens 9/11 show of support.  It seems this plaque was presented to a US Navy Captain (name unknown) by the officers and wives of the Lutjens because he was a liaisons officer stationed with them in Kiel.

It also seems that this plaque has the signatures of both Vice Admiral Axel and wife Gabrielle Schimpf (then the FX Commanding Officer) as well as another Commanding Officer and wife of the Lutjens, Jorg Owen and Claudia. The front is stamped by the artist with HHN or HN. Can anyone tell me if/when the Lutjens might have visited Mayport, FL in the early 1990s or connect me with any Lutjens groups? I'd also like to find out if FK Schimpf might have used "F.F." in his signature as shown. Thank you in advance for any information you can provide me.

Best regards,
Larry J. Dyer
USN SCPO Retired

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