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July 21, 2017

Since doing further research on my Father's history as Royal Marine on-board  HMS Duke of York [Frank Shippey] during the sinking of battleship Scharnhorst. l have been in receipt of letters from the families of two of the survivors. One in the U.S.A., and the other in Germany. Concerning answers to my questions on the events after the sinking of the Scharnhorst. It would appear that all survivors have now passed away, however a diary was kept by one of the survivors, giving a very interesting timeline.

27.12.43 Arrived in Murmansk.
28.12.43 10.00hrs Disembarkation
01.01.44 11.00hrs Arrived in Scapa Flow
02.02.44 Disembarkation Kirkwall-Wick
03.01.44 Arrived London "Camp 1"
06.01.44 P.O.W. Camp "London district"
12.01.44 Stammlager 9 Stalag camp "7" Winter quarters camp Ascot Windsor
01.02.44 12.30hrs Departed for Glasgow, Greenock, Scotland
02.02.44 Boarded S.S. isle de France
05.02.44 00.05hrs Departed Greenock
12.02.44 16.30hrs Arrived Halifax Canada
12,02.44 22.00hrs Deptarted via Montreal /Smith Falls/Renfrew
14.02.44 13.00hrs Arrived Petanawa P.O.W. camp 130 Kms NNW of Ottawa
11.10.44 Start logging and tree felling at GILLICH P.O.W. Camp
14.03.45 Continued logging until this date
06.03.46 13.00hrs Patanawa Camp closes. via Chalk river to Halifax
08.03.46 05.00hrs Boarded S.S. Aquitania sailed at 07.00hrs
13.03.46 17.00hrs Arrived at Southampton
14.03.46 04.30hrs Disembarkation 04.30hrs to camp "183" Quondon, Leics
23.03.46 Worked in Factory
27.03.46 Ended work in Factory
19.03.46 Sent to base camp "Kings Cliffe" nr Peterborough, worked as mechanic at camp "702" RAF Kings Cliffe, Northamptonshire
12.09.46 Training course for vulcanising in tyre company
16.09.46 Moved to RAF Hixon, nr. Stafford, worked in Motor Transport unit
20.08.47 Departed for camp "175" Flaxley Green, Rugeley
26.08,47 Departed for Scotland Car to Dundee, Nr63 Balhery estate camp
11.10.47 departed for Happendon camp Douglas, Lanarkshire
16.10.47 moved to camp "19" a pre release camp
22.10.47 Moved to camp "4" Scraptoft, Thornby, Leicestershire
07.11.47 06.00hrs to Harwich to board ship to Hook of Holland
08.11.47 On way Home

This diary was kept by one of the 8 survivors sent to Canada as P.O.W.'s 27 survivors were sent to the U.S.A. and 1 survivor swapped via the Red Cross. All the survivors were interrogated at Latimer House, near Amersham. My father FRANK SHIPPEY  was tasked with escorting the survivors from the HMS Duke of York to London, Where he was asked by the Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, what the survivors had been given to eat, during their time on-board the Duke of York.

l would like to hear from anyone who may have had a relative on-board the Duke of York. also tasked with escorting the survivors, who may be able to throw some light of the meeting of my father with the Prime Minister.

Naval Historian, and author Derek Nudd, has been compiling information, soon to published in book "Castaways of the Kriegesmarine" about some of the interrogations of the survivors at Latimer House. Derek's grandfather was head of naval intelligence at Latimer House. He has also been kind enough to assist in trying to shed some light of my fathers meeting, but as yet, l am still in the dark.

There were 8 survivors sent to Canada as PoW's, 7 of them were: Gunther Bohle, Wilhelm Goedde, Hans Trzebiatowski, Gunther Lorke, Johann Wiest, Johann Merkle and Horst Zaubitzer. I Would be interested to know the 8th.

Lance Shippey

Jan. 4, 2013

Chief Engineering Officer Otto König (DKM Scharnhorst 26.12.1943) was my grandfather. His daughter, Elena Dorothea König Willow is my mother. Is there anything more that you could tell me about him (the man), and the final battle?

Mark Allan Willow
Reno, Nevada (U.S.A.)

Otto König seen on his wedding day.

Otto König and his wife.

Otto König and his children, Michael and Elena.

Otto Friedrich August König.

Mar. 2, 2011

Chief Engineering Officer Otto König (DKM Scharnhorst 26.12.1943). He was a wonderful engineer and was valid in the battle wonderfully.

Thank you,
Zoltan Csorba

Apr. 15, 2009

My father served on the Scharnhorst from aprox 194043 and was transferred about three weeks before it was sunk. I have been scouring the net to find a crew list with his name on it, but without success. I was wondering if you might be able to suggest a website that might this information. 

With thanks,
Heinz Roedder

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