Deutschland Class Battleships Class Overview

Kiel, Germany
Nov. 19, 1904
Scrapped at Wilhelmshaven

Kaiserliche Werft
Wilhelmshaven, Germany

Sept. 29, 1905
Scrapped at Bremerhaven
AG Vulcan
Stettin, Germany

Dec. 2, 1905
Sunk June 1, 1916
at the Battle of Jutland.
Friedrich Schichau
Danzig, Germany

May 28, 1906
Scrapped 1949-1956.
(See notes)
Kiel, Germany

Dec. 7, 1906
Scuttled for use as target
in 1948.
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Schlesien hit a mine on May 3, 1945 and was grounded to avoid sinking at Zinnowitz, Germany. The wreck was blown up on May 4, 1945 and was scrapped on site between 1949-1956.

Schleswig-Holstein was bombed and sunk on Dec. 18, 1944 at Gotenhafen (Gdynia), Poland. The ship sank in
shallow water on an even keel but was damaged by a fire two days later and abandoned. The wreck was blown
up on Mar. 21, 1945 but raised by the Soviets in 1946 and possibly renamed Borodino. She was scuttled for
use as a target off Odsmussar Island in the Baltic Sea. It is possible that the wreck is still there.