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July 18, 2009

My father was a French Merchant (mobilized) seaman on the Jean Bart when it was in Casablanca and when the ship was hit. He and some other sailors ferried people back and forth to safety trying to get them off the ship because they thought it might sink. They were evacuating women and children. Can you tell me if you have any information for me about other people who might have seen something or know something about those few days between Nov. 8-10, 1940? I even have some pictures that he took of the ship laying against the pier. Although these are probably not quite as good as the ones you have posted. Please let me know if you can help my sister and I reconstruct this event that played such a huge roll in the events of WWII.

Nicole Mercier,
Olympia, Washington

Feb. 1, 2009

I've read your site about the Jean Bart the French battleship in Casablanca. I'm really interested by this story because my family lived at this time at Casablanca under the French protectorate. Do you know if people have been killed during the bombing? I ask you that because I've heard that my grand-father died during this operation and I'm trying now to find it out how exactly.

Best regards,
Joëlle Cariou

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