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Mar. 15, 2015

As curator of the Ladysmith Maritime Society Museum, I am researching a donation of a cutter with these numbers on its bow: #32 26901, XXIV. Do you have any records or know where I might look to find out what Royal Canadian Navy ship this cutter might have come off of? When I contacted the Esquimalt Royal Canadian Navy Museum archivist March 9, 2015 she stated once a cutter is decommissioned there is no way, even with the numbers to find out which boat it came from.

It was the main ships that were important and the cutters were transferred from ship to ship as needed and no records were kept on the cutters. Could someone varify that information is correct? Another source, believes the cutter we have in our Ladysmith Maritime Society restoration shop is off the HMCS Ontario. I can find nothing to prove that. When we write up the story of our heritage boats we need to have the correct information and some documentation to back up what we are saying. I would really appreciate any help you could give me. I look forward to your reply.

Shirley Blackstaff
Ladysmith Maritime Society Maritime Museum curator and archivist


April 12, 2008

I was an EM on the "O" boat on her cruise to the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth and then on her cruise to Australia and New Zealand. Great ship and crew!

Bill Pratt

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