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By Brian Murphy

Before Titanic icebergs were well known as the scourge of the North Atlantic.
Adrift tells the almost unknown story of the John Rutledge, a sailing ship filled
with Irish emigrants, which fell victim to an iceberg. With only one survivor
to tell the tale, Brian Murphy has done an excellent job at digging up details
unknown to the public before. Well written and well researched it is an overall
great read.

2018 Da Capo Press (

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A Harvest of Friendships
By Michael Henderson

This book tells the stories of some of the thousands of children who had
to be evacuated from the United Kingdom during the Nazi Blitz. With
German aircraft bombing major British cities and ports, the children
at first were evacuated to the English countryside. However it became
clear that in order to keep them safe they would have to leave the country.
Many were sent to Canada, but American families also took in many of
England's children, including the author and his brother. A labour of love,
this book demonstrates the undying bond between the U.S.A. and the U.K.

2017 Arnica Publishing (
201 pages, hardback

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The Lost Story of the William and Mary
By Gill Hoffs

Among the many stories of tragic shipwrecks the story of the William
and Mary must stand out as one of the most tragic. Emigrants bound
for New Orleans and a new life, would never arrive. While that is not
a new story, when cowardice, murder and a heroic rescue are added
to the plot, it makes great reading. The author has done a wonderful job
of putting together the many pieces of the puzzle into a concise and
very readable book which will captivate you until the end.

2016 Pen & Sword Books Ltd. (
162 pages, hardback.
(Distributed in the USA by Casemate Publishers)

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HMS Argus
By Charles E. Mac Kay

A very well researched book which includes details of her entire career.
Filled with photographs, including aircraft used, and drawings. Appendix
includes commanding officers of the ship and the Fleet Air Arm as well as
details of the various operations involving HMS Argus.

2017 A. MacKay (Publisher) Ltd.
175 pages, deluxe paper.

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HMS Argus/

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US Merchant Mariner's WWII Diary
By Harry G. Pierson, Jr.

A first hand narrative of life in the Merchant Marine in World War II. Harry
served in many ships during the war and this book is a valuable insight into
what it was like in those dreadful times. For anyone who served or had a
relative who served in these sometimes less than respectable ships during
the war, no matter what country you served for, this book will take you to
sea during the greatest conflict in world history. They provided the food, fuel
and material the Allies needed to fight the enemy, and they did so with very
little protection from enemy torpedoes or the sea itself. Whether in the
freezing cold of the Arctic or the burning hell of the Pacific, merchant sailors
moved the items needed for the arsenal of freedom to defeat the Axis. A
must have book and a fascinating story.

2016 Westbow Press (
224 pages, deluxe paper (also available in Kindle version)

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The Titanic An Interactive History Adventure
Revised Edition
By Bob Temple

A great book designed to introduce children to the different aspects of the
Titanic story. This "You Choose" book allows the reader to choose the
direction the story will focus on. You can choose to follow one of several
different story lines, which allow children to focus on one story at a time
rather than the whole story at once. A great read at bedtime for the little

2016 Capstone Press (
112 pages, deluxe paper

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The Union-Castle Line: Sailing Like Clockwork
By Mike Roussell and Sam Warwick

A wonderful book about one of the backbone companies of British shipping,
the Union-Castle Line. Ships of the Union-Castle Line served the route from
the U.K. to South Africa, Australia and India. Almost every Britisher who sailed
in the first 3/4 of the last century may have sailed on one of their ships. This
book is well illustrated and also provides wonderful and insightful stories from
those who sailed in and sailed for the line in peace and wartime.

2015 The History Press (
191 pages, large format hardback.

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Pacific Avengers
By Mike Roussel

This book tells the story of 857 Squadron F.A.A. in the Pacific war through the
eyes and experience of one of the surviving pilots, Sub. Lt. (A) Geoffrey E. Wright.
It also covers the operation of the squadron from training in the U.S.A. to the end
of the Japanese Empire. Well written and filled with photographs the book is a good
read and a nice tribute to the men of 857 Squadron.

2015 Little Knoll Press (
229 pages, deluxe paper.

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10 Greatest Ships of the Royal Navy
By John Ballard

Trying to select the 10 greatest ship in the Royal Navy must have been a large task,
considering the long and storied history which is the Royal Navy. Some may disagree
with the choices made by the author, but he has nevertheless chosen 10 ships whose
names are forever etched in the pages of history. Entire books have been and will
again be written about each of these ships, however Mr. Ballard had written a chapter about each which tells the story in a concise manner. After reading this book there will be no doubt why these ships were chosen. The book is an easy and enjoyable read. Mr. Ballard has also given me permission to publish the names of the ships here.
HM ships Victory, Warrior, Dreadnought, Warspite, Hood, Rodney, Illustrious (carrier), Amethyst, Bulwark (carrier) and Invincible (1980).

2015 Amberley Publishing (
159 pages, deluxe paper. (Also available in Kindle format)

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In All Respects Ready: Australia's Navy in World War One
By David Stevens

The outbreak of the Great War found most world navies mostly prepared, but the Royal Australian Navy had just been formed and had to come of age quickly. In this book Commander David Stevens provides one of the most comprehensive accounts of how the Aussies and their new navy fought the largest war to date. Illustrated with many rare photos, maps and providing a detailed appendix and notes, this book will become known as one of the best works on the RAN.

2014 Oxford University Press
449 pages, hardback.

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Rich Men Poor Men Ryersons on the Titanic
By Phyllis Ryerse

Another relatively unknown story from the Titanic. First class passenger Arthur Ryerson, a wealthy industrialist and CEO of Ryerson steel and William, an unknown cousin serving as a steward on the same ship. Written by a distant relative of both men, the story is compelling and sad. Anyone interested in the story of the Titanic should also have this book in their collection.

2012 Amberley Publishing (
127 pages Deluxe Paper.

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Ryersons on the Lusitania
By Phyllis Ryerse

The second book in a series telling the Ryerson family story of tragedy at sea. A great companion to the book Rich Men Poor Men. Few families lost people in both Titanic and Lusitania, however the Ryerson family was one of the unlucky few.

2015 Deluxe Paper 54 pages.

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Tragic Sinking of the Ercolano
By Phyllis Ryerse and
Michael Crutchley

Every story starts somewhere, and this is where the author's story begins. The third book in the series (the others being Ryersons on the Lusitania and Rich Men Poor Men), but the first and most compelling story of the all. The loss of the steamship Ercolano is mostly forgotten, and for the first time is told in detail. This truly tragic story gives a vivid account of the ship and the people lost in her.

2014 Deluxe Paper 143 pages.

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175 Years of Cunard
By Chris Frame and Rachel le Cross

The latest offering in a collection of books by Chris and Rachelle. The book covers
the story of the company that pioneered transatlantic steamship travel. With photos
of dozens of Cunard ships and interesting facts provided to the authors by former
masters and crewmen, this is another book which should be in the collection of any
ship enthusiast.

2015 The History Press (
120 pages, hardcover

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Other titles by Chris Frame and Rachelle Cross

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Rescue Pilot: Cheating The Sea
By Jerry Grayson, AFC

A wonderful new book on more modern operations of the Royal Navy and the Fleet Air Arm. Covering the period from 1972 to 1980 Jerry Grayson describes his experiences as a helicopter pilot in the Fleet Air Arm on HMS Ark Royal R-09 and later in 771 Squadron as a search and rescue pilot. Jerry was the youngest helicopter pilot to serve in the Royal Navy and the most decorated peacetime pilot in naval history. This book should bring back a lot of memories for the many men who served with him.

2015 Adlard Coles Nautical
230 pages, hardcover

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Yangtze Showdown: China and the Ordeal of HMS Amethyst
By Brian Izzard

A new narrative of one of the most famous ships in the Royal Navy, HMS Amethyst.
Brian has done yeomans work collecting information, from both official and private
sources and has put together a very good look at the Yangtze Incident. It includes
profiles of all the ships involved, the crew roster of Amethyst and the awards and
honours given to the men involved. It also includes the true story of HMS Concord,
the ship officially written out of the history of the Yangtze Incident. Not all the details
are flattering, but he has included them to be true to the history of the story. Well
researched and well written, it is well worth adding this book to your library.

2015 Seaforth Publishing (
276 pages, hardback

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Arky: The Saga of the USS Arkansas
By Ray Hanley and Steven Hanley

From the her launch to her destruction with the atomic bomb at Bikini Island, this
book covers the record of the battleship Arkansas. It tells the story of the ship, but
it also tells the story of the men who served in her. Using several personal accounts
and diaries provided by former crewmen and relatives, Ray and Steven have combined
the operational history with the personal insights of her crew. The book is also well
illustrated with many unique photos, many never before published. If you ever
wanted to know what it was like to serve in a battleship from the prospective of the
regular sailor, this book should be in your library.

2015 Butler Center Books
166 pages, deluxe paper

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In the Wake of the Graf Spee
By Enrique Dick

The first heavy ship lost by the Germans in the Second World War, the cruiser
Admiral Graf Spee became one of the most famous sea hunts in history. Her loss,
at the hands of her own crew, off the coast of Uruguay was not the end of the
story though. The ship's crew was interned in Argentina following the sinking of
the ship as prisoners. Several escaped to return to Germany and the war, several
of them were later lost in other ships and U-boats. The author's father was one of
many the sailors who remained in Argentina after the war and raised a family. This
book tells the story of the ship and her men through the war and after. Enrique Dick,
a retired Major General in the Argentine Army and a contributor to this website,
has done a very good job telling the story using many official documents from
Germany, Argentina and the U.K. many of which are unavailable to other authors.
The book was originally published in 2005 in Spanish, but this revised version is,
for the first time available in English. I recommend this book to anyone interested in the story of this valiant ship and her crew.

2015 WIT Press (
237 pages Hardback
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German Naval Camouflage Vol. 2 (1942-1945)
By Eric Leon and John Asmussen

The companion volume that completes the set. Beautifully illustrated with original
drawings and photographs The book covers a subject that has been little researched
over the years. It provides historians and model makers accurate information on the various camouflage patterns of the Kriegsmarine during World War II.

2014 Seaforth Publishing (
168 pages Hardback

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They Gave Me A Seafire
By Commander R. "Mike" Crosley, D.S.C., R.N.

Beginning with the loss of HMS Eagle Commander Crosley relates the story
about his service in the Fleet Air Arm of the Royal Navy in World War II. He
holds nothing back from the story. He served in all theatres of the war and
tells of the many engagements he made. He also gives his considered opinion
of the leadership of the Fleet Air Arm, not always favourable. Crosley also gives
detailed information on the handling of the various aircraft he flew, which may
surprise many people who only know what they have seen in the documentary
films as they rarely discuss the limitations of the aircraft. Overall a very good
read and a must for anyone who wants to know what it was really like to take
to the air during the war.

2014 Pen & Sword Aviation (
279 pages hardback

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Simon Ships Out: A Heroic Cat at Sea
By Jacky Donovan

Simon of HMS Amethyst is one of the most famous cats ever to sail the sea. He was
there in Amethyst during the Yangtze Incident and in Nov. of 1949 was the 54th
animal to be awarded the Dickin Medal (the animals Victoria Cross). Before the
month was over Simon Crossed the Bar, his death made news around the world. In
"Simon Ships Out" Jacky Donovan has given Simon the voice he never had.

Written in the first person, the story is seen and told from Simon's point of view. From
the first time he came aboard, through the Yangtze Incident and the voyage home,
you are taken into the life of a cat and how he saw and interacted with the people
around him. It also tells the story of Peggy, the ship's dog and you meet the King of the rats, Mao Tse Tung. This book is great for parents to read to their kids, both will enjoy the tale.

2014 Jacky Donovan (
243 Pages Deluxe Paper

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Bismarck Pride of the German Navy
By John Asmussen

An extraordinary look at Germany's most famous battleship. The Bismarck story is
well known, but this book shows the ship using dozens of rare photos and detailed drawings. It also includes photos of the wreck that have never before been published.
The book includes many details about the ship and her one and only voyage which
have been either overlooked before or just not known.

2013 Fonthill Media (

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Above and Beyond
By Mark A. Biggs

2014 Mark A. Biggs

The untold story of one sailor, Lawrence W. Biggs, who survived the dreadful Russian
convoys to Murmansk and later service in Motor Torpedo Boats. More than a war story
this book takes us through his personal journey to serve God, keeping a promise made from the cold water. While many such promises are made in times of strife and danger, Lawrence fulfilled his promise and became an ordained minister. This inspiring story is one everyone should read.

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Cat Champions: Caring For Our Feline Friends
By Rob Laidlaw

2013 Pajama Press

For cat lovers everywhere this book is a quick read with many inspiring stories.
It promotes the health and welfare of cats and the importance of what young
people can do to get involved. Short stories about children and organizations which
help to rescue and care for cats and other animals. A great book for parents to read
to younger children. It also includes a small piece on Able Seacat Simon, D.M., R.N. of
HMS Amethyst fame.

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Naval Air Station Pensacola
by Maureen Smith Keillor & AMEC (AW/SW) Richard P. Keillor, MTS

Part of the Images of Aviation series, the book is an amazing collection of
photographs showing the entire history of NAS Pensacola. A publication timed
to coincide with the 100th Anniversary of the establishment of the first naval
aviation base in the United States. Maureen and Richard have done an
excellent job in creating the photographic history of the base and the people
who served there.

2014 Arcadia Publishing

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Hitler's Naval Bases
Kriegsmarine Bases During the Second World War

By Jak P. Mallmann Showell

Well researched and filled with photographs the book details the bases used by the
German navy in World War II.

2013 Fonthill Media (

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Operation Neptune
The Logistics and Support for the Normandy Landings

By Commander Kenneth Edwards, R.N.

Reissue of the 1946 book by Cdr. Edwards about the Normandy landings.

2013 Fonthill Media (

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My Royal Navy Letters
Through Calm and Troubled Waters

By Lt. John Nixon, R.N. (ret.)

An autobiography of my friend John Nixon and his career in the Royal Navy. The book
gives a wonderful insight into daily life in HM ships including HMS Bulwark, HMS
Falmouth and HMS Kent. From the evacuation of British forces from Malta to the
Falklands War and beyond. It is sure to bring back memories to anyone who served
and provide a realistic view to anyone considering joining up.

2013 Pinewoodhill

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Running With The Dogs
War In Korea With D/2/7 USMC

A first hand account of a combat Marine's experience in the Korean War. This book also exposes one of the most secret and deadly encounters ever experienced by the United States, the massacre at Hoengsong. The author and his company were among the first to come across the bodies of thousands of dead soldiers who had been cut down by the Chinese. Among the other stories in the book is the story of Richard DeWert and how the author was instrumental in seeing that DeWert was given his due reward, the Medal of Honor. The author had also gathered many accounts from soldiers who, until now, have never told their story. This is truly a unique look into what it was like to fight and die in Korea.

By Frederick P. Frankville

2013 iUniverse (

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(Running With The Dogs)
Struck By Lightning
A Sailor's first-hand story about a World War Two fighting ship.

This is the story of the life and death of a typical World War II destroyer,
HMS Lightning. A sailor's perspective about serving during the Malta convoys,
the capture of Madagascar, the invasion of North Africa and finally the loss of the

By Eric Gilroy, edited by John Dann

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The Silent Service in World War II
A wonderful collection of short stories about life aboard U.S. Navy submarines told by
the men who were there. Covering all aspects of submarine warfare, the book tells
tales of triumph and tragedy. From humorous stories to frightening tales of near death and even stories from those who survived the loss of their boat. This book is a real gem, easy to read and if you are interested in submarine stories, this should be part of your collection.

Edited by Edward Monroe-Jones and Michael Green

2012 Casemate Publishers

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The Battle of the Denmark Strait
A new study of one of the greatest naval battles of the 20th century. The outcome
of the battle between Bismarck and HMS Hood shocked the British and the Germans
alike, in this book Robert takes a new look at the classic battle. He has uncovered
new information, provided critical analysis and illustrated the book with dozens of photos.

By Robert J. Winklareth

2012 Casemate Publishers

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Steaming Light: A Memoir of Cdr. John C. Pearson, O.B.E., R.N.

The story of an ordinary man growing up in an extraordinary time, encountering the great and the good and the frankly bizarre and taking journeys he could never have envisaged. John Pearson took tea with Rasputin's killer, visited Hitler's bunker days after The Führer's death. He went elk hunting in Siberia sailed on the ‘Nordwind', climbed in the Andes and later went to work everyday in a place that didn't exist.

By Bernard Pearson

2012 Book Midden Publishing

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German Naval Camouflage Vol. 1 (1939-1941)
A study of camouflage patterns worn by Kriegsmarine ships in World War II.
Illustrated with rare photos and detailed color drawings, this book provides
a great insight into a subject that has not been frequently covered before.

By John Asmussen and Eric Leon

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Pen & Sword Books (UK)

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The Titanic: Disaster of a Century
The centennial edition of the book Titanic End of a Dream, includes new photos
and information unknown at the time the first book was written in 1980.
Foreword by John Chattertron

By Wyn Craig Wade

2012 Skyhorse Publishing

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To Serve With Honor
Memoirs and notes of Private Donald J. Woodland.
The story of a young soldier in World War II.

By Donald J. Woodland
Edited by Bernard M. Woodland

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USS Arizona
Squadron Signal pictorial history of USS Arizona BB-39.

By David Doyle

2012 Squadron Signal Publications

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Drunken Sailor

The new CD by the Irish Rovers features the song Titanic, a tribute to the great
ship. Its legend has both haunted and intrigued George Millar partly because he shares his birthday of April 14, with the date the ship met its icy end on her maiden voyage a century ago.

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The Life and Times of HMS Concord
Photos, recollections and details of the career of HMS Concord. Including
details about Concord's roll in the Yangtze Incident and the Korean War.

By the men of HMS Concord

2012 HMS Concord Association

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