Thank You From MaritimeQuest

MaritimeQuest came on line Feb. 4, 2005, so today is our anniversary. I had planned to close the site last year, but I was convinced to keep it on line. I agreed to this, but only if the site could pay for itself through donations. Twelve people made donations in 2020, the combined total from 7 of them was less than $200. There were five people who made substantial donations and it is due to them that MaritimeQuest will remain on line another year. While we greatly appreciate every donation we receive, there is a financial component to this website. I want to take this time to thank the 5 super donors who have paid for the site to remain on line and for providing new equipment to operate the site.
Robert Edmonds
John Asmussen
Johnny Rasmussen
Mike Griffiths
Mike Adolfi
Thank you guys and thank you to everyone who helped keep MaritimeQuest on the net.