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Aug. 9, 2015

Je suis francaisinformé,je m'apel mr sauvage, et je possede cette lanterne qui pourrais peux etre venir du great eastern? Merci de me tenir informé.
(Is it possible that this lantern came from the Great Eastern?)


Sept. 20, 2010

In 1953, I served an apprenticeship in a River Mersey ship repair yard. Now much older, I have decided to put together a series of talks of famous vessels that had a connection, in some way, with Liverpool and the Mersey. In researching a talk on the Great Eastern I came across a note that when the ship was scrapped, one of the wooden mast was purchased by a Liverpool football team for a flag post at their ground. I have recently exchanged letters with Liverpool Football Club and they have confirmed that this is true. The Flag pole ex The Great Eastern is still to be found at the famous Cop End of their ground.

David King

Jan 24, 2010 This by far the best site for period photos of the ship and her builders. I was much awed by the model of the paddle engines. I understand this model of the paddle wheel engines, was "scaled up"  to build the original engines. 

Gary Thorson  
Boiler Tender 3rd class
USS Rush DDR 714  
US Navy 1961-1964

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