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North American Harvard III (EX976) ex-South African AF 41-33949 up to 1944. To Portugal in 1956 as 1657. In 1980, flown from Portugal inside a Portuguese C130.


Grumman Avenger ECM6B (XB446) Built as TBM-3E for USAAF in 1945. To FAA in 1953 as AS5. Converted to ECM6B in 1955.


Grumman F6F Hellcat (KE209) built as F6F-5 No. 79779.


Fairy Firefly (VH127) built as FR4: F8026. Converted to target tug in 1951.


Fairy Firefly (VH127)

(All photos and captions courtesy of Philip J. Heydon, I.S.M.)
© 2008 Philip J. Heydon all rights reserved


Page 3
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