Leading Stoker Clifford Freeman, R.N. Collection

HMS Royal Arthur Class 213.
Ernie seen in 1943.
February 25, 1943: Clifford Freeman (left) Joe Middleditch.
February 25, 1943: Joe Middleditch.
February 25, 1943: Len.
April 1944: Tom Hargreaves.
HMS Indefatigable seen off Bangor Ireland in 1944.
July 1944: Doug Matthews.
July 1944: Jack.
July 1944: Mac.
July 1944: Percy Long.
October 1944: Peter Thorogood.
February 1945: Doug Matthews (left) and Clifford Freeman seen ay Sydney, NSW, Australia.
August 15, 1945: Scene on the flight deck of HMS Indefatigable on the day Emperor Hirohito made the official announcement that Japan would surrender.
September 1945: Allied warships in Tokyo Bay for the surrender of the Imperial Japanese Empire seen from HMS Duke of York. Mt. Fuji is seen in the background.
Sept. 1945: Left to right: Freddy, Gordon and Clifford Freeman, probably at Sydney, NSW, Australia.
September 1945: Gordon and Shirley probably seen at Sydney, NSW, Australia.
November 1945: Taffy (left) and Clifford Freeman probably at Sydney, NSW, Australia.
A calendar made from a photo of HMS Indefatigable while at Aotea Quay, Wellington, New Zealand December 27, 1945.
HMS Indefatigable seen in Sydney Harbour sometime in 1945.
June 1946: Gerry (left) and Clifford Freeman, location unknown.
HMS Indefatigable ship's badge.
(All photos from the collection of Leading Stoker Clifford Freeman, R.N.
Courtesy of Deborah Freeman-Bryant)
The photos have been presented in chronological order using the dates provided by Deb. Many of the last names were not recorded on the photos. MaritimeQuest offers our thanks to Deborah Freeman-Bryant for scanning her father's collection and for allowing us to publish it.

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