City of Paris (1889)
Later USS Yale, Philadelphia, USS Harrisburg ID-1663
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Nov. 27, 2011

I would just like to say how fantastic your website is.  It was so good to find photographs of my Great Grandfathers ship the Paris.  He was a stoker on board.  On his off duty hours he made a model of his ship, please see pictures below.  As can be seen by the pictures it is a waterline and one sided model.  This model survived two World Wars and bomb damage only to be damaged by my dad coming home on leave which has now been repaired by reference to your pictures. I still have a few more parts to add to the model that are in a 50 yr old tobacco tin. Just as a note the model has four small deck guns which I was told as a child were to warn off Pirates. Again I would like to say thanks for the wonderful photos.

Steve Long

(Photo courtesy of Steve Long)
© 2011 Steve Long all rights reserved

(Photo courtesy of Steve Long)
© 2011 Steve Long all rights reserved

(Photo courtesy of Steve Long)
© 2011 Steve Long all rights reserved

Aug. 3, 2009

I would like to know if there are drawings (I have already searched the internet for photos) of this ship. Who built the model that is in the London museum? Maybe he would have some drawings? My great great grandparents emigrated from Sweden to the U.S. on this ship.

Seattle, Washington

Nov. 11, 2008

I was looking for my Grandpa's ship and was able to see some great pictures on your site. It is even more special on this Veteran's Day. Grandpa had a picture of the USS Harrisburg on the kitchen wall for 70 years.  Like so many, he traveled from New York to France on this ship. He loved to show us his picture and tell us stories about WWI and a young Iowa boy from the lakes. He was part of the Rainboy Division and met Black Jack Purshing. Thanks so much for all of the information. Wish I could share it with him. I will share it with my family.

Renae Blume for Frank D. Deel

Mar. 10, 2008

I have a bosun's pipe from the USS Harrisburg. It has been scratched to remove the name of the seaman but the name of the ship is easily seen. I am looking for a list of crew to identify the bosun before putting the pipe on eBay. From looking at the pipe, it looks like the first initial of the name of the Bosun started with a "S" and the last name might start with a "T" or an "F". I wondered if such a list exists and how I might locate it. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide. Your site has been very useful and it is well done.

Larry Howers

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