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Sept. 2, 2013

Through my research on, I have discovered that the R.M.S. Campania is the steamship that my grandfather, Johan Hangacz [aka Janos Mihok, Janos Hangac, John Hangac, and John Hangach], entered the United States of America on, via Ellis Island, New York, as a steerage passenger, on November 26, 1904. His Nationality (i.e. Country of Which a Citizen) was listed as Hungary, and his Race was listed as Slovak. He departed from Liverpool, England, on November 19, 1904, a total sea voyage of seven days. He was only 6 years old upon his arrival in New York Harbor. He travelled with his older brother, Michel Hangacz (age 8), and younger brother, George Hangacz (age 3).

It appears that the three of them travelled with my great-grandmother, Maria Hangacz [aka Maria Mihok, Maria Hangac, and Mary Hangach], and that their total fare was $12. Although her name ultimately isn't listed, it says "With Mother" on the New York Passenger Manifest. Their Point of Departure (i.e. Last Listed Place of Residence) was Antwerp / Norway, and their Final Destination was Marblehead, Ohio, along the southwest shore of Lake Erie. They were en route to Marblehead, Ohio, to be reunited with their father, my great-grandfather, Michel Hangacz [aka Mihaly Mihok, Michel Hangac, and Michael Hangach].

A few years later, the entire family relocated to Cleveland, Ohio, where my great-grandfather found work as a laborer in a rail yard for a nut and bolt manufacturer. In 1917, my great-grandfather was killed in a train accident at that rail yard. After World War I, my grandfather was ultimately granted U.S. Citizenship, having served as a soldier in the U.S. Army during the war. He eventually married my grandmother, Anna Hangach (nee Banas) in 1922, in Cleveland, Ohio, where my family has remained ever since. He died of lung cancer in 1941, when my father, John Hangach, Sr., was just seven years old.

John Hangach, Jr.

Nov. 18, 2009

My Farther, John Charles McDonald (Born 1898), also served as a member of the Mercantile Marine Reserve on the Campania from her commissioning through to her sinking. Following Survivors Leave, he was offered a position on HMS Lion (?) but declined preferring to go back to the Merchant Navy. He was awarded the Mercantile Marine Medal, Victory Medal and Great War Medal.

Unfortunately we have lost most of his papers (including his discharge papers - honourable) from that period. A copy of his discharge papers will exist at the NZ Defence H/Q (Medals section) as I used this as evidence to have his WW I medals replaced.

He told me many stories of his time on board; Personnel - but I cannot really remember of these except Jimmy The One; Killick, and Jackie Fisher. The aircraft (Sopwith 1 1/2 strutters and Fairey Campania bombers, an aircraft that took me ages to realise that they actually existed. The craftsmanship of items made in the workshops on board. Coaling Ship!!! The loss of his entire possessions and personal effects.

We, the family, also have original photographs /postcards showing the ship in various guises as well as the altered superstructure. We also have albeit in very, very poor condition an original newspaper cutting showing the night-time rescue effort that was mounted - although I believe that all personnel had been recovered.

My father's injuries caused by the sinking was to severe lacerations to his posterior caused by the barnacles as he slid down the side of the ship when abandoning her. Later he settled in New Zealand and served in the RNZAF during WW II. He died in after being run over in a  road accident in 1984.

A. M. (Tony) McDonald
Auckland, New Zealand

May 20, 2009

I am interested in your website on Campania, as one of my wife's relatives served in her in WW1. His name was William James Hooley and was a Marine Fireman in 1916. I had not seen the 1915 photo before, what a change from the splendid funnels. We have not been able to trace any record of his service in the ship, he was in the Merchant Service in 1913. Any clues welcome.

Richard Daglish

Reply 1
May 5, 2014

When researching my family history I came across the above on your message board. William James Hooley was my Grandfather, but I cannot find any link to Richard Daglish in my family tree. Can you please forward this email to Richard along with my email address then maybe we can establish a link.

Kind regards,
Albert Roberts

Reply 2
May 6, 2014

Many thanks for sending on the response from Albert Roberts. I had forgotten about my query and in the intervening five years have had a PC failure with loss of data etc. Albert turns out to be my wife's second cousin, so a very good result.

Thanks again,
Richard Daglish

Apr. 15, 2008

My name Chris Everett, I have been researching my family tree, it seems my grandfather was on the HMS CAMPANIA when it sank in the Firth of Forth. His sea books put him on the ship on the 5/11/1918 and then at HMS EAGLET, a shore base in Liverpool on the 6/11/1918 he died during WW2, so I never knew him. His name was Joe Mahoney A/B on HMS CAMPANIA 1916/1918 demobbed 1919 and went into the merchant navy.

Chris Everett

Jan. 21, 2008

Trying to find a crew list for Campania when she was HMS Campania, father in law was on ship can anyone assist.

Ray Lee

Mar. 26, 2007

My Grandfather, James Winder Bartley, arrived in Canada from England in 1893. He came over as a Barnardo home child. I can only assume like many he first arrived in New York before going on to Russell Farms in Manitoba. After searching I feel he may have been on the ship, "Campania." Do you have any passenger list to verify this.

I am also looking for the passenger list for the Caronia, another Cunard ship. She sailed out of England in 1903. My grandmother and her first husband arrived in Canada in1903. My Grandmother used several Cunard ships for later trips back & forth to England. I see this ship is not on your list, so I will also be looking for others resources also.

Thank-you for your time,
Deb Mack

Sept. 14, 2008:

I have since found the ship my grandfather, James Winder Bartley arrived on in 1893 from Liverpool, it was the S.S. Labrador.

Deb Mack

Jan. 2, 2007

I have been trying to find the passenger list for the Campania. My grandfather, Robert Johnston, stated on his petition for naturalization that he sailed from Liverpool, England on or about March 12, 1905 and arrived in New York, NY on March 20, '05. I have found nothing to verify this information.

As as child, I didn't ask questions regarding my grandfather's boyhood in Ireland and his reason for immigrating to the US. Now that I am an adult, I would like to have answers and am hoping to travel to Ireland this spring and hopefully see where "Grandpa" lived as a child and young adult. I can find nothing in the Ellis Island records to help me and therefore, if you have any information verifying his passage on the Campania, I would be grateful to you for sharing it with me.

Thank you,
Lee Ackerman

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