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Apr. 11, 2023

I sailed on the Aquitania when I was 3 months old, I was with my Mum who was English and my Canadian Dad, my Dad was in the Canadian Army. I was born on 26 March 1946, so we would have sailed around July 1946. I was hoping there was a passenger list still available. My Mum returned to England 3 years later, I was then 3, my sister was born in Canada and was 18 months old. So I have a British passport and my sister has a Canadian one, I guess we would have returned in 1949, I remember my Mum telling me it was on the last voyage before the ship was scrapped. If anyone can tell me where to get information I would be grateful. My Dad and Mum are both passed and there are no family left who have any information.

Thank you,
Diane Beddard

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Messages 100-124
Page published Apr. 11, 2023