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Sept. 8, 2017

The below photo may be of interest to you. The white haired gentleman at left is B. C. McCorry who was the Radio Officer aboard the Huntsman and a prisoner on the Admiral Graf Spee when she was chased into Montevideo. I sailed with B. C. in P & O SS Corfu, as a junior Radio Officer, and what a gentleman he was. He did relate stories about his time as prisoner in Graf Spee about giving running commentaries during the battle with the British Fleet before seeking refuge in Montevideo. He also claimed that Captain Langsdorf was a real gentleman and treated his prisoners with respect and dignity and there was not a trace of Nazi in him. We sailed together in 1953 when I was a mere 18 year old and I guess B. C. must have been in his forties. He then left Corfu and we lost contact.

I find the photo of the crew of the Huntsman standing on the deck of the Graf Spee most amazing when I realise that one of them will be B. C. McCorry - not that I would recognise him.

I am shortly giving a presentation about my time at sea and during my research I came across your site.

Kind regards,
Peter J. Crane


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