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Feb. 13, 2010

My father, Alan Lawrence Taylor, served on Benvrackie when it was hit and sunk in 1941.  Dad never spoke much about it but he was one of those rescued from the lifeboat in May, 1941.  I'd like to learn more about the incident if anyone can add more than what I learned from the World at War episode. 

Joyce Taylor Dawson

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Aug. 16, 2010

I must say straight away that I am no researcher or historian but served in the RN 1943 - 1957 and have limited access to the Merchant Navy Book of Remembrance of World War II from which the extract below has been taken.


Dry Cargo of Leith. Capt W.E.R. Eyton-Jones.

Ben Line Steamers Ltd.

SS Benvrackie sailed on the 20th April 1941 from Loch Ewe (Scotland) on passage to Table Bay and Beira in convoy OB 312 with 5,500 ton general cargo. On 26th April convoy dispersed. 13th May 1941 torpedoed in No. 4 & 5 holds and sunk by German submarine U-105 in Atlantic, 630 miles SW of Freetown, 12 crew and 15 survivors from SS Lassell lost. Vessel sank in two minutes and only one lifeboat got away. 26th May 1941, 59 survivors rescued by British ship Oxfordshire after 14 days in lifeboat and landed at Freetown.

I trust this may be helpful to the enquirer.

Les Willis

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