Ardanbhan (1929)
Roll of Honour

In memory of those who lost their lives in SS Ardanbhan
"As long as we embrace them in our memory, their spirit will always be with us"

Allan, Andrew
3rd Officer
Anderson, Frank
Fireman & Trimmer
Apperton, James
2nd Radio Officer
Arnold, John B.
Able Seaman
Blampey, George W.
Able Seaman
Chambers, George
Fireman & Trimmer
Chase, Edward
Crockett, Charles J. R.
Galley Boy
Age 17
Conrad, Elmar
Able Seaman
Cox, Frederick
Dridge, Edward C.
Able Seaman (RFR)
Drust, William E.
3rd Engineer Officer
Evans, George
1st Radio Officer
Grant, Jack
Fireman & Trimmer
Hamilton, William J.
Chief Steward
Huggins, William J.
Jacklin, Alexander
Ordinary Seaman
Jackson, Joseph
Able Seaman
MacDonald, William
4th Engineer Officer
Marinan, James
Fireman & Trimmer
Markham, Laurence
Ordinary Seaman
McLean, Watkin J.
Fireman & Trimmer
McLean, Wilfred
Fireman & Trimmer
Mearns, Alfred
Chief Engineer Officer
Morgan, David
Motson, Arnold R.
Mess Room Boy
Mulveny, William A.
Parkinson, Charles F.
Assistant Steward
Partridge, Harold J.
2nd Officer
Rimmer, Ronald
3rd Radio Officer
Salaman, Alfred
Simpson, Alexander
Fireman & Trimmer
South, William A.
2nd Engineer Officer
Stephenson, James W.
Fireman & Trimmer
Sylvester, Tom
Thornton, Luther
Ordinary Seaman
White, James A.
Chief Officer
Witty, Albert E.
Wood, Harry
Able Seaman (Royal Navy)
Wood, Harry S.
Able Seaman

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Roll of Honour
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