World War II As It Happened
A MaritimeQuest Daily Event Special Presentation
Thursday, September 25, 1941
Day 756

September 25, 1941: Front page of the News and Chronicle, London, England.
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September 25, 1941: Front page of The Daily Mail, Hull, England.
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Note the report in columns 7-8: "Girls, 20 To 25, To Be Taken From Shops"

September 25, 1941: Front page of The Yorkshire Post and Leeds Mercury, Leeds, England.
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Note the report in column 3: "First R.A.F. Casualty in Russia"
(The Air Ministry announcing the death of Sergeant Norman Holt Smith, the first R.A.F. pilot fighting in Russia.)
Also note the report in column 4: "Death For Aiding Parachutists - New German Order in France"
(General Otto von Stülpnagel, Military Commander of occupied France, signs an order which could impose the death penalty on anyone assisting British airmen or parachutists.)
Also note the report in columns 5-6: "Eight Axis Ships Hit"
(Since the Admiralty frequently withheld information until it served their interests, it's difficult to establish which ships they could be referring to. The attacks could have spanned several weeks.)

September 25, 1941: Front page of the Western Mail and South Wales News, Cardiff, Wales.
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September 25, 1941: Front page of the Press and Journal, Aberdeen, Scotland.
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September 25, 1941: Front page of The Examiner, Launceston, Tasmania, Australia.
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September 25, 1941: Front page of The Sydney Sun, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.
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Note the report in column 6: "Lost Ship Not American"
(The Segundo, which was in convoy OS-4, was sunk on Aug. 27th by U-557. Seven of the thirty-four-man crew were lost.)

September 25, 1941: Front page of The Telegraph, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
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Note the report in column 5: "Another U.S. Ship Reported Sunk"
(This is the report mentioned in the Sydney Sun above.)

September 25, 1941: Front page of The Winnipeg Tribune, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.
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September 25, 1941: Front page of the Biddeford Daily Journal, Biddeford, Maine.
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Note the report in column 8: "50 Billion Eggs For Defense Use Goal For 1942"
(According to the USDA, 113 billion eggs were produced in the U.S.A. in 2019.)

September 25, 1941: Front page of The Evening Star, Washington, D.C.
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Note the report in column 5: "Harry Warner Says Nye Praised Film Listed in Inquiry"
(Republican Senator of North Dakota, Gerald Nye, one of the leaders of the America First movement, accuses Hollywood of producing propaganda movies on behalf of Britain. The report mentions two films, The Mortal Storm, staring Margaret Sullivan and James Stewart, made in 1940 and Confessions of a Nazi Spy, staring Edward G. Robinson and Francis Lederer, made in 1939. I have not seen the latter, but I went out and bought the former on DVD an hour after reading this report, then I watched the movie. The film begins in 1933, the year Adolf Hitler came to power in Germany and shows just how the Nazi party terrorized and controlled the population. It depicts the rapid changes in the attitudes of people who had been infected with Nazism and how they changed. The believers in the Nazi party were taught that it was party over all and that anyone who opposed the party was your enemy and an enemy of the state. This was the same message delivered by President Biden on Sept. 1, 2022, a message reinforced and reiterated by many current and former top democrat party members and of course, the left-wing media as a whole.

[Note, it is interesting that in his speech on Sept. 1, 2022, President Biden seemed to declare war on Trump voters. Sept. 1 is a significent date, it is the anniversary of the beginning of World War II, Sept. 1, 1939, the day Adolf Hitler declared war on and invaded Poland. I wonder if this was a coincidence or a warning? Just yesterday, Hillary Clinton, in an interview, equated Trump supporters to Nazis, and basically equated Trump to Hitler. This is quite bizarre since Biden in his Sept. 1 speech did everything he could to resemble a Hitler speech. Standing and yelling about MAGA this and MAGA that, while in the background red lights on the walls, which resembled the Nazi banners seen behind Hitler in his speeches. [Example showing below.] He told the country that Trump supporters, which is about half of the country, were a threat to the very fabric of our democracy. At least one man got the message from Biden loud and clear. 41-year-old Shannon Brandt had a political argument with 18-year-old Cayler Ellison. After the two parted, Brandt, a democrat, got in his vehicle, chased and ran down Ellison, killing him. All because the President told him that republicans were the enemy. Hitler told his country that the Jews were the enemy, I don't have to tell you what happened to them.]
Joe Biden
Adolf Hitler
In the film, friends turn on friends, family turns on family. You can see a modern day parallel in how children turned in their parents to the FBI, informing the authorities that they had been in Washington, D.C. on Jan. 6th. Other parallels to current events can easily be found in the film. It shows how the Nazis repressed free thought and free speech. I hope I need not write a long piece on how colleges have repressed free speech and how colleges, schools, the media and especially the big tech companies repress free thought and free speech. That is not my opinion, that is a fact. There is even a name for this, "cancel culture." If you dare to speak against the approved narrative, you are cancelled, deplatformed, erased.

Do you need proof? Very well. As of this minute, 14:48 hrs. C.S.T. on Sept. 24, 2022, Vladimir Putin, a mass murderer and war criminal, still has an active Twitter account. As does the Ayatollah Kohmeini, a terrorist who often says; "death to America" and "death to Israel." As does the rabid racist and anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan, but former President of the United States Donald Trump, is banned. Banned because he does not fall in line with the totalitarian left.

Back to the film, there is a scene in which Frank Morgan, who portrays a university professor, is teaching a class on science, in particular, blood. Most of the students, who were seen at the beginning of the film in civilian clothes, are now in Nazi uniforms. One of the students asks the professor; "Is it your opinion that there is no difference between the blood of an Aryan and the blood of a non-Aryan?" The professor answered; "Those are the findings of science. Until now physiology has been unable to discover any difference in the blood of the various races." The students erupt after hearing something they did not agree with, these Nazis were the snowflakes of their day, I guess. The questioner goes on and says; "Do you hear that, it's a direct contradiction to our leader's principal of racial purity. It's an impudent defense of racial degeneration, and it's a lie!" The professor answers; " I've given you the facts, scientific truth is scientific truth! Unchangeable and eternal! It cannot be altered to suit the policies of the hour, or the clamor of immature hoodlums!" The Nazi snowflake leader then says; "I demand that every loyal follower of our leader leave this room immediately! From now on, this class is strictly boycotted! And those who remain do so at their own peril." Then every student gets up and leaves the room. The next scene shows the same Nazis burning books.

As you must be aware, in today's world the left has control of "science." The result is the same now as it was in 1933, you must believe the state version of science. For instance, if the state tells you that a boy can really be a girl, or that a man can become pregnant, you had better believe, AND support this madness, because that is state approved science, which of course, is not science at all. I am sure you can see the danger in this, you must comply with the state or the party and you are not allowed to say anything to the contrary, lest you be cancelled.

The poison of the Nazi philosophy, as depicted in the film, tears the family apart, the sons leave for Hitler and the daughter stays with the parents. This happens today, the poison of the totalitarian left is tearing families apart. One example from recent days, the actress Jennifer Lawrence [Hunger Games] said in the Sept. 2022 issue of Vogue magazine that; "she's spent the last five years trying to forgive her family and to understand their right-leaning stance on government policy. She admitted that she's tried to rationalize their views by saying, "It's different. The information they are getting is different. Their life is different." She is not the only one. There have been many reports of democrats who will no longer be friends with republicans they have befriended for years. Many democrats have broken off relations with their families. Democrat wives have even divorced their husbands. I have not heard of many republicans who treat their democrat families, friends or wives in the same manor, it mostly seems to be a one-way street. In fact, in the film, the daughter and her love interest split up because he has become a rabid Nazi.

The next notable scene in the film comes after the professor has been arrested and his wife is trying to find him and get him released. The scene is played out like this;
"No one will help us. No lawyer will plead for us. They dare not. But you're his superior, you have a right to ask, to know where he is and why they've arrested him. Believe me, Mrs. Roth, I'd be doing you no service, and it would be extremely dangerous for me. Your husband is an eminent man, but I have a family. I must think of them. But I'm sure your sons would have greater influence with the Gestapo. Professor Roth was apprehended because he sustained a theory antagonistic to our most sacred ideals. I'm not permitted to give you any information regarding his whereabouts, and I suggest that you cease pushing these tactless inquiries. They only serve to call attention to your undesirable connections."

In recent weeks many, many people associated with, even on the very fringes of Donald Trump have had their homes or offices raided by the FBI. This is an unprecedented misuse of the bureau by the Biden administration. What is even worse, many of these people, republicans of course, cannot find representation from the legal community. Many lawyers have told them that the firms they work for will not represent anyone associated with Donald Trump. The word is out, if your firm represents Trump, it will be harmed.

Senator Nye's assessment was that the film was too "anti-Nazi" and that might lead to Americans to decide that fighting Hitler was a good idea. After viewing the film, I can say that what Mr. Warner said was true, they did make a film that shows what was really happening. I have not researched Senator Nye, but one wonders just why he and Charles Lindbergh hated the British so much? Remember, his concern was that this was a propaganda film made on behalf of the British, which showed the German in a bad light, but he seemed more concerned how the Germans were portrayed, then he did about what the Germans were doing. I don't know if Senator Nye was a Nazi sympathizer or not. Maybe he was just mis-guided as many people were about Adolf Hitler.

I could go on, but it would be far better to watch the movie. I know it's not on line for free anywhere, but it is available through some streaming services. I bought the DVD for $10. The acting is not the highest caliber, and the time it takes to go from normal human being to rabid Nazi is very compressed, but they had to get several years into 90 minutes of film. Sadly, if you take the Nazis out of the movie and just make them democrats, you can see where this country is headed.)
Also note the report in column 1: "Nazis Say Subs Sank 11 Ships Off West Africa"
(If the attacks on convoys SL-87, HX-150 and ON-16 are counted together, you could say 11 ships had been sunk over a few days.)

September 25, 1941: Front page of The Evening Gazette, Xenia, Ohio.
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September 25, 1941: Front page of The Port Arthur News, Port Arthur, Texas.
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September 25, 1941: Front page of The Nevada State Journal, Reno, Nevada.
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Note the report in column 2: "Lindy Backed"

September 25, 1941: Front page of The Bakersfield Californian, Bakersfield, California.
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September 25, 1941: Front page of the Teltower Kreisblatt, Kreis Teltow, Brandenburg, Germany.
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1. Bomben auf Charkows Verbindungslinien.
(Kharkov's lines of communication bombed.)
2. Das Chaos in den Kesseln bei Kiew.
(The chaos in the cauldrons near Kiev.)

September 25, 1941: Front page of the Völkischer Beobachter, the official newspaper of the NSDAP.
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1. Betrübte Erkenntnisse in London.
(Sad Findings in London.)
2. Die Deutschen kommen schneller als der Winter - Moskau hat es die Rede verschlagen.
(The Germans are coming faster than winter - Moscow was speechless.)

Page published September 25, 2022