Daily Event for October 1, 2011

In the 1920's following the Great War the German navy was in disarray, there had been mutinies in the early 20's, but by 1928 the rebuilding process was well underway. On October 1, 1928 the Reichsmarine received a new Commander-in-Chief, Vizeadmiral Erich Raeder. He became Großadmiral (Grand Admiral) April 1, 1939, the first since Alfred von Tirpitz and remained in charge of the Kriegsmarine until late January 1943 when he resigned and was replaced by Karl Dönitz. Raeder was sentenced to life in prison at Nürnberg for his part in the Third Reich, but was released on Sept. 26, 1955 due to failing health. Erich Raeder died in Kiel, Germany on November 6, 1960.
© 2011 Michael W. Pocock

April 1, 1939: Erich Raeder seen on Scharnhorst just after receiving his Großadmirals baton from Adolf Hitler.

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