Daily Event for April 18

Coming around the Cape of Good Hope and entering Table Bay the liner Lusitania grounded on the rocks and
was stuck fast. She was carrying about 800 people at the time, but fortunately for all on board the seas were
calm and rescue was not far away. The lifeboats were launched and HMS Forte and a tug named Scotsman
came on the scene quickly. Sadly four people were drowned when their lifeboat capsized, but the remainder
of these onboard were saved.

Lusitania remained on the rocks until April 22 when heavy seas caused her to slip off and sink, the wreck is
now a dive site. This happened Apr. 18, 1911 and was not the Lusitania of the Cunard Line, but rather a smaller
twin screw ship built in 1906 and owned by Empresa Nacional de Navegacao of Lisbon, Portugal. Like the
Cunarder she was one of the finest and largest liners of her line, also like the Cunarder, she ended up on the
bottom of the sea.

© 2008 Michael W. Pocock

Lusitania of 1906


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