Daily Event for December 28, 2007

On Dec. 28, 1944 the Empire Javelin was sunk in the English Channel. All sources state the ship was
sunk by a torpedo but here is where the agreement ends. Most give the German submarine U-772 as the
boat which sank her and this might go undisputed, however new research indicates that the U-772 was sunk
on Dec. 17 which leaves her out. So if it was not the U-772 who sank the Empire Javelin?

It is known that the U-322 was active in the area and is credited with torpedoing the Liberty ships Arthur Sewall and Black Hawk on Dec. 29. However U-322 was sunk on Dec. 29 by HMCS Calgary K-231 and no other U-boat reported sinking the Empire Javelin so definitive proof of who sank the Empire Javelin is still not known. It is most likely that she hit a mine.
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