Daily Event for March 2, 2006

March 2, 1943: Straggling from convoy HX-227 the Liberty ship Meriwether Lewis was hit by torpedoes fired by the U-634. The ship, launched in 1941, was carrying ammunition and tires bound for the European battlefield. It took three torpedoes to sink her, the final one exploding her ammunition stores. An escort cutter, USS Ingham WPG-35 searched for survivors for two days and found nothing but a thirty mile line of floating tires.
© 2006 Michael W. Pocock
The bows of the Meriwether Lewis.
(Courtesy of Robbie Williams)

Roll of Honor
In memory of those who lost their lives in
SS Meriwether Lewis
March 2, 1943
"Their names are forever etched into history as American Patriots"

Name   Position Hometown
John Edward
Beal Master Elmont NY
Edward Peter
Beckley Oiler Brooklyn NY
William Curtis
Beery Wiper Monroeville IN
George Lewis
Bittel O.S. Pittsburgh PA
Randall Price
Bourell Deck Cadet Olney IL
Edwin George
Buttell 3rd Mate St. Albans NY
Bernadotte Herrvon
Carter Utility New York NY
Nunziato Louis
Ceroli F/W Huntington Station NY
Cibeira F/W Coruna Spain
Frank Thomas
Cimino O.S. Scranton PA
Alan Robert
Clarke Deck Cadet Ridgewood NJ
Coffey 2nd Mate Jamesburg NJ
Glenn Robert
Curtis Messman Woodcrest NJ
John Steward
Day A.B. Tuscarona NY
De Leon Messman New York NY
Angelo John
DiSanto A.B. San Pedro CA
James Edward
Fitzpatrick A.B. Baltimore MD
Frank Joseph
Gaiuaski Utility Chicago IL
Harry Kenneth
Hain Cook Boston MA
Anders Frederik
Hansen A.B. Brooklyn NY
Leslie Arthur
Harmon Steward New York NY
Nicholas Andrew
Holmes 3rd Engineer Elizabeth NJ
James Edward
Johnston Cook Akron OH
Bruce Griffin
Kenworthy Chief Mate Portland OR
Manuel Pineda
Lising Cook New York NY
Lubarsky Wiper Milwaukee WI
Daniel Joseph
Maher Engine Cadet East Boston MA
Francis Thomas
McCann Engine Cadet Johnson City NY
Walter Francis
Meisner Messman Pittsburgh PA
Mendez Carpenter New York NY
Millard Wesley
Meyer Purser Portland OR
Harry Jackson
Mote 2nd Engineer Camden NJ
Frank Harvey
Nunziato A.B. Chicago IL
John Francis
Owens 1st Engineer Brooklyn NY
Parsley A.B. Bronx NY
Manuel Rodrigues
Pascoal F/W Ensenada PR
Eugene Francis
Raitt O.S. Sag Harbor NY
Rocco Deck Engineer Chicago IL
Rodriguez Messman New York NY
Pedro Vasgues
Rodriguez Bosun Mayaguez PR
Matthew Douglas
Sanborn Radio Officer New York NY
Leroy Joseph
Schaefer Oiler New York NY
Edwin Benno
Schubert Chief Engineer Seattle WA

US Navy Armed Guards
Home State
Benjamin F.
Ables S1c SC
Phillip H.
Archer S1c ND
Dot H.
Bailey S1c WV
J. D.
Baugham S1c SC
James E.
Brown S1c NJ
John W.
Bumgarner S1c NC
Harold P.
Byars S1c SC
Ottis L.
Clarke S1c NC
Cox GM3c MO
Berlin S.
Creel S1c SC
Hiram S.
Crumley S1c FL
Robert E.
Dingethal BM2c NJ
Dreyer Ens. NY
John Edward
Hill GM3c FL
Francis P.
Manley Cox. IL
Zeno W.
Mapes S1c LA
McDonough SM2C OR
Michalovic S1c NY
John J.
Ours Cox. MD
Patalon S1c NJ
Richard E.
Patrick S1c LA
Harry E.
Ratcliff RM3c AR
William A. Jr.
Reamer S1c NJ
Theodore K.
Roberts S1c NJ
Harold L.
Rogers S1c VA
Frank H.
Rosenstrom S1c NY
John Collier
Rowe S1c NY
Robert D.
Sinks S1c IL
James G.
Sumner S1c SC
Vinciguerro S1c NJ
Walker S1c IL
James R.
Williams S1c KY