Daily Event for September 19

September 19, 1893: A Russian warship named Rusalka sank in the Gulf of Finland killing 178 of her crew. I have no other information on this ship.

It appears the source used for the above information was slightly incorrect. The ship's name is actually Rusalka not Roosalka (although translation in spelling could account for that.) and the ship, according to
news accounts, sank on Sept. 17, 1893. An expedition has found the wreck of the Rusalka with the bow
wedged into a crevasse standing almost vertical on the bottom. The report states that half of the ship is not
accessible but, the turret on the stern was missing and the hatch covers are open. It also says that the
rudder is put hard to starboard indicating they were making a turn at the time they went under. One other
strange detail is that the ship is pointing in the wrong direction or at least in a direction not expected. So at
this moment we don't know why the ship, described as an ironclad, sank but, maybe someday we will.

Thanks to Dan Geddes for the additional information on this ship.

© 2005 Michael W. Pocock