Daily Event for November 22

November 22, 1941: The German auxiliary cruiser (Hilfskreuzer) Atlantis was sunk by the HMS Devonshire. Atlantis, known by the British as Raider C had in her career sunk 16 ships for a total over 145,000 tons, and also captured 6 others. Atlantis used an elaborate array of disguises to fool her prey, masquerading as various ships. This would allow them to get close enough to use the 5.9 in. guns or torpedoes. On Nov.22, 1941 while refueling the U-126 the HMS Devonshire was seen approaching. The U-boat crash dived leaving her Captain on the Atlantis. Devonshire far outclassed Atlantis in firepower and dispatched the ship without much difficulty. Only 8 of the Atlantis crew were killed in the attack the rest were picked up by the U-126. They were transferred two days later to the refueling ship Python, who later would be sunk by the HMS Dorsetshire. The rest of the survivors were later returned to Germany on various German and Italian ships.

© 2005 Michael W. Pocock