USS Thach FFG-43
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January 10, 1984: PCU Thach FFG-43 on sea trials off the coast of California.


May 1985: USS Thach FFG-43 (front row left) in the Western Pacific with USS Gray FF-1054 (front right),
Second row from left to right; USS Long Beach CGN-9, USS New Jersey BB-62, USS Merrill DD-976
followed by the USS Wabash AOR-5.


June 8, 2001: USS Thach FFG-43 in the Arabian Gulf as part of Operation Southern Watch.


November 2, 2002: USS Thach FFG-43 departing San Diego for deployment in Operation Enduring Freedom.


November 29, 2002: USS Thach FFG-43 conducting an underway refueling from the USNS Pecos T-AO-197
in the Arabian Gulf during Operation Enduring Freedom.


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