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Feb. 13, 2019

My father was aboard the USS Aaron Ward at the time of its sinking. He wasn't very open about the sinking. He had only been on board a short while. The only story he told was of his time on the beach afterwards. He was on the beach waiting to be picked up when a Marine stopped by and ask where he was from. Dad told him he was from Warrior, Alabama (the nearest large city near his home, Dad was from Corner, Alabama.) The Marine (Dad said he was the biggest man he ever saw) said, well son, I'm from Birmingham. He gave my Dad a shirt (all Dad had on was his boxers.) Dad said the shirt was the size of a tent. My Dad of effected by the war to the point that he wasn't very loving to his family. He went on the serve on another ship for 30 months, the USS Waller DD466. He got married and had three children, of which I an the youngest. Dad died in 1999. In his latter days he spoke more often about his time in the service. I am trying to understand what he went thru and why he was the way he was after the war.

Glen Abbott
Son of Carl H. Abbott

May 29, 2013

I am the daughter of Richard E. Albers, who lost his life on April 7, 1943. Although I never met my father (I was two months old when he died) I feel as though I know him. I have all of the letters that he wrote to my Mom and through them I feel so close to him. Although his death was seventy years ago, my sons and my grandsons are keeping his memory alive. They know all about him and regard him with honor. Thank you for this website.

Patricia Albers
New Jersey City University

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