USS Wasp CV-7
Letter to Jackie
Lt. Commander John J. Shea, U.S.N.

This letter was written by Lt. Commander John Joseph Shea to his son Jack from USS Wasp CV-7 on June29, 1942, Lt. Cmdr. Shea was one of the casualties of the Wasp CV-7 on Sept. 15, 1942.
Dear Jackie,

This is the first letter I have written directly to my little son. I am thrilled to know that you can read it all by yourself. If you miss some of the words it is because I do not write very plainly. Mother will help you in that case, I am sure.

I was certainly glad to hear your voice over the long distance telephone. It sounded as though I was right there in the living room with you. You sounded as though you missed your daddy very much. I miss you, too, more than anyone will ever know. It is too bad this war could not have been delayed a few more years so I could grow up again with you and do all the things I planned to do when you were old enough to go to school.

I thought how nice it would be to come home early in the afternoon and play ball with you and go mountain climbing and see the trees, brooks, and learn all about woodcraft, hunting, fishing, swimming and other things like that. I suppose we must be brave and put these things off now for a while.

When you are a little bigger you will know why your daddy is not home as much any more. You know we have a big country and we have ideals as to how people should live and enjoy the riches of it and how each is born with equal rights to life, freedom, and the pursuit of happiness. Unfortunately there are some countries in the world where they do not have these ideals, where a boy cannot grow up to be what he wants to be with no limits to his opportunities to be a great man such as a great priest, statesman, doctor, soldier, business man etc.

Because there are people in countries who want to change our nation, its ideals, its form of government and way of life we must leave our homes and families to fight. Fighting for the defense of our country, ideals, homes and honor is an honor and a duty, which your daddy has to do before he can come home and settle down with you and your mother. When it is done he is coming home to be with you always and forever. So wait just a little longer. I am afraid it will be more then the two weeks you told me on the phone.

In the meantime take good care of your mother, be a good boy and grow up to be a good young man. Study hard when you go to school. Be a leader in everything good in life, be a good Catholic and you can't help being a good American. Play fair always. Strive to win but if you must lose, lose like a gentleman and a good sportsman.

Don't ever be a quitter, either in sports or in your business or profession when you grow up. Get all the education you can. Stay close to mother and follow her advice. Obey her in everything, no matter how you may at times disagree. She know what is best and will never let you down or lead you away from the right and honorable things of life.

If I don't get back you will have to be Mother's protector because you will be the only one she has. You must grow up to take my place as well as your own in her life and heart. Love your grandmother and granddad as long as they live. They, too, will never let you down. Love your aunts and see them as often as you can. Last of all don't ever forget your daddy. Pray for him to come back and if it is God's will that he does not, be the kind of a boy and man your daddy wants you to be.

Kiss Mother for me every night. Goodbye for now. With all my love and devotion for Mother and you.

Your Daddy
(Transcribed by Rene' L. Pocock)

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