Able Seaman Jack Riley, R.N. Collection
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Jack Riley, born 5th September 1921, was called up for service in the Royal Navy at the age of 20 years during November 1941 and joined HMS Raleigh for basic training. Ordinary Seaman Jack Riley qualified as a Torpedoman and later as Able Seaman. Jack joined HMS Teazer on 7th August 1943 until drafted again on 11 Jan 1945. Jack was released from naval service on 25th March 1946.

After leaving the navy Jack joined the Blackburn Borough Police Force in 1953 and was awarded the Queen's Commendation for Brave Conduct in 1959 following the Brewery Street Siege where a fellow Officer was murdered. Jack retired from the Police Force in 1983 having attained the rank of Inspector. Jack Riley passed away 2nd February 1999.

HMS Teazer R-23, date and location unknown.

HMS Teazer R-23, date and location unknown.

"Our dog, Teazer, with a monument to the Italian Navy (Monumento al Marinaio d'Italia) in the background at Brindisi, Italy."

Assumed to be mess mates on Teazer R-23, Jack Riley is in the centre, the tallest man there.
All photos from the collection of Able Seaman Jack Riley, R.N.
Courtesy of Derek Riley
Scans by Philip J. Heydon, I.S.M.

MaritimeQuest is very grateful to Derek Riley for giving us access to and allowing us to publish his father's photo collection, many of which have never been published or even seen outside of his family before. We also thank Phil Heydon for his work in scanning and researching the collection.

Able Seaman Jack Riley Collection
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