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June 20, 201 2

My boss is leading an dive on the wreck of the HMS Raleigh in August of this year. The team has archaeologists and are in need of any kind of copy of detailed scale drawings of the interior of the Cavendish class of Cruisers. If any one can help please contact me.

Paul Lakowski

Jan. 21, 2012

I discovered that my Grandfather Albert Blackham was a Royal Marine on HMS Raleigh and was aboard during the shipwreck. He recorded his life story and talked about the events during the shipwreck. The MP3 recording is now with the Imperial War Museum, London.but I do still have a copy too. There is also an interesting book covering the story of the shipwreck and subsequent court martial by Richard Rohmer (available at Amazon ISBN-13: 978-1894294461).

Derek Blackham

Aug. 29, 2010

My grandfather David Adams served on board HMS Raleigh. He was my mother's father. My mother is now 92 and told me today all she knew about the shipwreck in 1922. I was so interested to see the photos on your site. My grandfather was given accommodation in Canada by kind local people after the shipwreck. He asked them if he could send them anything from the UK as a thank you and they requested two flatirons! No doubt at great expense, due to weight, my grandfather duly despatched the requested flatirons to Canada when he returned to England. My mother remembers her father coming back on the train after the shipwreck and his face being covered in mosquito bites from his time in Canada. Thank you for your site and its information.

Jane Lytton

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