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July 31, 2019

Derby sea cadets are using HMS Malaya as there training ship name and a have a model of the ship which my partner has just refurbed. I believe it was made by one of the crew.

Michael Archer

Jan. 29, 2013

I found a Brass Crucifix around the early 1900's that was presented to the Chapel of the Ship HMS Malaya.   It has 5 semi-precious gemstone, is hand tooled and is inscribed "To the Church of HMS Malaya from The Countess of Shannon.  Also, I found a picture with a view of the chapel on the HMS Malays, and there sits this crucifix on the alter.  

Can anyone tell me who the "Countess of Shannon" was during this time period--and if they might be interested in this Crucifix as a Keepsake reminder of the Chapel on the Ship.  I am sure that many a man has done some "Serious" praying in that chapel. God Bless Everyone who served God and their Country during this War!!

Patricia West

Aug. 30, 2011

I'm a graduate student in history at Texas Tech University. I'm doing research on British warships that were repaired in the United States during 1941. Does anyone know of any accounts (published or otherwise) by the officers or crew of HMS Malaya? I'm interested in the experiences of her crew while she was being repaired in New York.

Corbin Williamson
Texas Tech University

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Aug. 12, 2012

I am wondering if your research of the HMS Malaya has found any violation of the Neutrality Act, League of Nations, or the Lend-lease act by the United States allowing the Malaya to be repaired in the Brooklyn Naval Shipyard in April 1941, especially the warring ability of the Malaya; such as cannon repair or ammunition re-supply ? I am aware that the Lend-Lease act allowed belligerent ships to be repaired in a neutral port. Do you know, specifically, if the Malaya had any of it's weaponry repaired or ammunition re-supplied. Have you finished you research? I am a collector of many things. Recently, I found at a garage sale, a boarding book from the Brooklyn Navy Yard. It has only a few entries. One entry, April 10 1941, describes damage to HMS Malaya.       

Thank you,
Joseph Keating
83 year old Korean War Combat Veteran

Oct. 13, 2008

My late father Kenneth Alexander George Smith served on Malaya during WWII. I'm keen to obtain photos of the ship's company, and hopefully of him. I believe he was a Petty Officer Torpedoman. Any help much appreciated.

Ken Smith

July 22, 2007

I am John Stuart Clark of Melbourne Australia. My father, John E W Clark served on the Malaya (and other ships) during WWII as a signaler/telegrapher. He was assigned a position in a secure "watertight" signals compartment down at keel level during action and was shown a bolted hatch in a bulkhead that reportedly led to the torpedo blister, from where he could make his way to the lifeboats. He was told he had to un-do the bolts using a spanner that he later found to be absent!!

When the call came for a volunteer to be available to repair signaling transmitter wire at the level of the radar/spotting station on the fighting-top mast he decided to volunteer and lose his natural fear of heights!! It was necessary for him to slide out away from the fighting-top mast and radar room along a narrow angle-iron insulator support to retrieve aerial wire that had come adrift during shelling. This task sometimes had to be completed while shelling was in progress. Mum and Dad are living happily in Auckland, New Zealand and Dad is looking forward to getting his new hearing-aid next week! People routinely did extraordinary things during the war to win the freedom we now enjoy.

Stuart Clark
Eltham, Australia

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Sept. 23, 2007

Thanks for posting my July message about the Malaya on your bulletin board for the ship. My dad was really "chuffed" to see it. Soon after I completed a digital "painting" for him based upon one of the images that I copied from your site, a photo of a very rough sea.
I took the broadside guns off as they were removed during her re-fit prior to Dad joining her, and I drew Dad out on the aerial support strut retrieving broken aerial wire.

I first had him on the main (fore) mast outside the radar room but when I sent him the picture he told me that he was stationed in a small radio room on the aft mast during shelling, so I moved him and added the radio room to your photo based upon his description of it. Apparently it was very small and accessible from a ladder up the aft mast and through a hatch in the floor.
Great web site, Michael! Please feel free to use this image however you may think fit, after all, the photo I used came from your site in the first place! :-/ :-)


HMS Malaya by Stuart Clark

November 17, 2006

I know a CPO George Watts who served in the Malaya in the Med. He was locked in a magazine when she was hit by a fish. Gave him a nasty turn, he says. He still works every day in his shop at Brighton. East Sussex.

Paul Campbell
(Grandson of gunner John Campbell AB in HMS Collingwood A turret with Prince Albert at Jutland.)

November 8, 2006

I am Robert Swinemar, of Halifax, Canada. My father served during WWII, in the Royal Canadian Navy Volunteer Reserve from 1940 - 1945.

He was on loan to the Royal Navy for much of this time and served in a British battleship, I think HMS Malaya. He retired as a Chief Petty Officer First Class (ERA*). I remember him saying he spent time in the Mediterranean.

Is there any way to determine if HMS Malaya was his ship?

Regards, Robert.
* Engine room artificer.

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