Glenart Castle Memorial
Hartland Point, Devon, England

The HMHS Glenart Castle Memorial located at Hartland Point, Devon, England. The memorial is dedicated over 150 souls lost when HMHS Glenart Castle was torpedoed and sunk by SMS U-56 February 26, 1918. The memorial was dedicated on February 26, 2002, exactly 84 years from the date of the disaster.

Looking out into the Bristol Channel with Lundy Island at right in the distance, HMHS Glenart Castle was sunk about 23 miles WNW of this memorial.

Close-up of the dedication plaque.

The Hartland Point lighthouse and Lundy Island can be seen looking out to sea from the memorial. HMHS Glenart Castle rests on the bottom of the sea 23 miles from this point toward the left side of the photo.

Lundy Island seen from the memorial.

Another view from Hartland Point.
(All photos courtesy of Philip J. Heydon, I.S.M.)
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Page published May 2, 2012