MV Faiz

May 30, 2005 M/V Faiz reported missing in the Bay of Bengal. Faiz was an Indian cargo vessel owned by ITP Shipping Co. She was en route from Yangon to Calcutta. There were 15 people on board including the wife and 2 children of the captain.

June 2, 2005 M/V Faiz was located, engulfed in flames 150 nautical miles from Haldia, India. The ship had been abandoned, however later in the day the coast guard located a lifeboat with 10 crew members. The captain, P.B. Shelley his wife, Smitha and their two children Lubin (9 yr. old boy) and Nidha (4 yr. old girl) were reportedly killed in the fire. Chief officer, Rajiv Lahiri, had jumped overboard and was not seen again the surviving crew members said.

June 6, 2005 Four burned bodies were found on the Faiz. These are presumed to be the captain and his family. The ship was taken in tow but the line broke in a storm and the vessel drifted out to sea. Attempts were made to locate the ship but by June 7 it was decided the ship had sunk.