Daily Event for March 6, 2019

As my country (the United States of America) continues its decent into madness at the hands of the media and the democrat party, I thought you might like to read this previous Daily Event (below.) You will have to be the judge and decide if my analysis was correct. Did all the doom and gloom predicted by the democrat propagandists come true, or was the whole thing as I predicted, a Big Lie.

I use that term "Big Lie" for a reason. The "Big Lie" is a proven tactic that has worked time and time again. It also seems to be the complete platform of the democrat party in America. If you are an older and informed person you will know who invented this tactic and who used it to forge the attitude of a nation. You will also know what the result of that was. If you are younger and less informed you will have to look it up on your precious cell phone. (That is unless Google has banned you from looking at such material.)

As Americans we should demand better from out so-called leaders. The same leaders who spent trillions of dollars which they don't have. If you don't know, you owe your government about $67,000 each to pay off the debt. That means that the people that we put in charge of this country, spent all the money they took from you and an extra $22,000,000,000,000 (that is twenty-two trillion dollars.) Has anyone bothered to ask, what did we get for twenty-two trillion dollars? No bother, just send in your $67,000 and shut your mouth, you will be told what to do, what to eat, what to drive, where to work, what to buy, what to read, what to watch and so on and so on.

As I told my 14 year old granddaughter last week when we were having a discussion about current events. "When you are my age (56) freedom and liberty will just be a footnote in history." Sorry to be so cynical, but I am about at the end of my limit of being quiet. The steam that blows the whistle, will never turn the screws. If you can't work out what that means, perhaps that is part of the problem.
Daily Event for March 6, 2013

Everybody knows about the financial trouble in the U.S.A., this is off topic, but I have to make a few comments about sequestration. This is a move invented by President Obama, but now blamed on the opposition party. In a propaganda blitz that makes Josef Goebbels look like an amateur, the current President, his party and the left-wing media have spread doom and gloom for the last month. The President has claimed that 875,000 jobs will be lost, it has also been claimed that 40,000 teachers will be fired (not sure if these teachers were counted in the 875,000 number). On top of that aircraft control towers will be closed, airport security will be cut back and all manor of services will be devastated. Our Attorney General said the other day "America will be less safe."

When "Big Sis" our Homeland Security Secretary, Janet Napolitiano, said yesterday in a live press conference "we are already seeing the effects at some of the ports of entry, the big airports for example, some of them had VERY LONG lines this weekend." It was however learned, when some local reporters checked their airports, lines were no longer than normal, in other words her statement was inaccurate, false, bogus, contrary to fact. Just a statement used to scare the public.

I have just seen the new Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel, (possibly the most ignorant man to hold this post in history) make the following statements on Mar. 5: "effective immediately Air Force flying hours will be cut back, this will have a MAJOR IMPACT on training and readiness" he also said "the Army will curtail training for ALL units except those deploying to Afghanistan, adversely impacting nearly 80% of Army operational units". (The words in bold are buzz words, intended to provoke a deep emotional response the public.)

Now just think about one thing, the MAJOR cuts are $84,000,000,000 (84 billion), this is about 2.4% out of a budget of $3,600,000,000 (3.6 trillion). They are only reductions in projected growth and not real cuts from anything. The spending will be higher every month, every year, it just won't be as high as was expected.

If these were real cuts (actually reductions in the budget, meaning you would spend LESS next month and next year) do you really believe that a 2.4% REAL cut would cause this much chaos? Remember that on Jan. 1, 2013 every American (who pays taxes) received a REAL 2% tax increase, this means you (Americans) got a 2% pay CUT, a REAL cut not a reduction in expected earnings. So the President decided that you could do without another 2% of your money, but the world will end if the government has to do without 2.4% of imaginary spending.

Do the math, does 2.4% equal a loss of 875,000 jobs, and do you really think that 80% of the Army would shut down over 2.4%? If that is so, just think how much money the Army needs to operate at 100%!! When your state or local politicians want to take more money out of your pocket they use the same tactics, albeit on a smaller scale. In the city I live near we have trains and busses which cost the taxpayers millions of dollars each year, but when they want more of my money they say "we will have to cut the police or fire dept. if we don't get the increase we want." Of course these two departments are something the government IS supposed to provide, transportation for the public is not, but if they say "the trains and busses will be cut back" nobody cares, when they say they will cut the Police or Fire Dept. now YOU are at risk. That is the emotional response they use to get further in your pocket.

The bottom line is that our leaders are using propaganda to frighten the American public, most of whom pay little attention to what is really happening in this country. They are aided by the liberal media, who have failed to report accurately or to even investigate if any of this is true. And most people won't use common sense to look at the facts and figure out that they are being flim-flamed.

On Feb. 26 the current President used the following line in a speech at the Northrup Grumman Newport News shipyard "do I close funding for the disabled kid or the poor kid" setting up a straw man argument as only he can do. The fraudulent argument is meant to show just how terrible things will be, we are taking money away from the poor and disabled. Of course what funding is reduced is totally up to him. He also neglects to mention that he could cut funding from unnecessary programs or just cut fat. But no he immediately feels he should take money from those in the most need (at least that is what he wants you to think). I wonder what the conversation in the White House was like before the Jan. 1 tax hike maybe he asked his advisors "should we take 2% of the paychecks from the working parents of the disabled kids or from the poor kids....tough decision so to be fair I will take it from both!!"

I want you to remember one thing, when ever you hear or read of the disaster this loss of 2.4% of expected growth is going to be, you are being lied to. Keep this phrase in your mind.

If the President says: This (2.4% reduction of expected growth) will cost 875,000 jobs.
This (2.4% reduction of expected growth) will cause America to be less safe.
This (2.4% reduction of expected growth) will effect 80% of U.S. Army operations.
This (2.4% reduction of expected growth) will cause the Air Force to suspend flight training.
This (2.4% reduction of expected growth) will cause long lines at the airport.
This (2.4% reduction of expected growth) will cause 40,000 teachers to be fired.
This (2.4% reduction of expected growth) of what ever you are being told will not effect any of our high paid leaders, and if it does they will just take 2.4% more from you....after all you can do without it.

One other thing... our new Secretary of State, John Kerry, just handed a check for $240,000,000 of your dollars to Muhamed Moresi, the Muslim Brotherhood controlled, Anti-Semitic, want-to-be dictator of Egypt. They also closed the White House to public tours effective Mar. 9, 2013. This was due to "staffing reductions" resulting from sequestration. The statement also said "We very much regret having to take this action, particularly during the popular spring touring season." This last line added again to provoke emotion. Keep in mind the tours are run by volunteers.
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