Daily Event for March 19, 2012

The 574' long chemical tanker Iver Split was built at Brodogradilliste in Split, Croatia. She was launched on
Aug. 5, 1983 and completed in 1984. She was built for Iverchem, but in the five years she was in service the ship was sold twice and renamed four times, in 1989 her name was Maasgusar. Her last owner was Stolt tankers, but in 1988 was chartered by Nedlloyd. The Maasgusar loaded several different chemicals in Texas City, Texas and departed for the far east on Jan. 26, 1989. She was bound for South Korea via Japan, she wound never arrive.

What exactly happened is not known, but it was reported that the ship was due to put into Yokohama for some kind of engine repairs. However on Mar. 14 she was found by a Japanese patrol aircraft ablaze some 300 miles east by south of Tokyo. It was reported that there was an explosion in the engine room, but exactly where this information was obtained is not clear to me.

There were twenty-three men on board and while four lifeboats were found, they were burned and empty. No sign of the men was ever found, so no statements were made by them. What ever caused the fire must have been catastrophic and fast because no distress signal was sent. The blazing wreck remained afloat until March 19, 1989 when she broke in half and sank about 100 miles south of where she had originally been found.
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Roll of Remembrance
In memory of those who lost their lives in
MS Maasgusar
"As long as we embrace them in our memory, their spirit will always be with us"

Abe, Ricardo L.
Able Seaman
Ayad, Gregorio Q.
Able Seaman
Azana, Elino P.
Able Seaman
Calangi, Sixto R.
Cardenas, Ciel E.
3rd Engineer
Carkeet, Christopher
Chief Officer
Evans, Robert F.
Chief Engineer
Galing, Mauricio A.
Linsagan, Florante V.
Lopez, Ernesto B.
Maulion, Emerson B.
Able Seaman
Mortela, Benito M.
Pablico, Elpidio T.
Recampo, Ronnie M.
Able Seaman
Rickard, James P.
Salutla, Andres V.
Santos, Adriano A.
2nd Cook
Santuyo, Edgardo B.
3rd Officer
Seno, Joel P.
Toribio, Ricardo E.
Radio Officer
Villacorta, Ernesto A.
Vispo, Rodrigo G.
4th Engineer
Watson, Robert E. C.
2nd Engineer
United Kingdom (all other crewmen Philippine nationals)
Oct. 17, 2013

I just came across your article of 18 months ago regarding the chemical tanker Maasgusar. My father was the captain. There are still far too many unanswered questions regarding what happened and unfortunately for us as a family we will never get closure on this. Thank you for the article. If I can any assistance or if you have any other information please let me know. Thank you.

Kind Regards,
Paul Rickard

James P. Rickard, the ship's captian.
(Photo courtesy of Paul Rickard)

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