Daily Event for December 19, 2006

On Oct. 23, 1963 a Spanish coaster, the Juan Ferrer capsized and sank near Boscawen Point in Cornwall,
England, eleven were killed. Following this event a lighthouse was built nearby, the Tater du lighthouse was
finished in July of 1965. However a lighthouse itself can't help a ship avoid disaster.

On Dec. 19, 1981 another coaster named Union Star was hugging the coast during a gale until her engine gave out. The ship, now at the mercy of the sea, was driven ashore about a half mile from the lighthouse. Even though the storm was raging the lifesavers from Penlee took their boat to the scene to rescue the crew. Fighting fierce waves they made their way to the wreck and removed the crew but, sadly on the way back to shore a wave capsized the lifeboat and all on board drowned. Sailors around the world owe a dept of gratitude to those who risk their lives, and sometimes loose their lives, trying to save others.
© 2006 Michael W. Pocock

The capsized hull of the Union Star.