USS Gregory DD-82 / APD-3
Roll of Honor

In memory of those who lost their lives in
USS Gregory DD-82 / APD-3
"As long as we embrace them in our memory, their spirit will always be with us"

Jan. 6, 1919
Bast, Charles H.
Chief Gunner's Mate
On board accident
Died of wounds on
USS Birmingham CL-2
Sept. 5, 1942
Vessel loss
Bauer, Harry F.
Lt. Commander
Commanding Officer
Blanke, Richard G.
Fireman 1st Class
Boling, Cyril M.
Storekeeper 2nd Class
Bump, Daniel M.
Seaman 1st Class
Died of wounds Sept. 9
Burke, Walter G.
Fireman 1st Class
Cowdrey, Arch E.
Soundman 3rd Class
Cuppy, Wilbur E.
Seaman 1st Class (USNR)
Dalton, Brady A.
Seaman 2nd Class
Died of wounds Sept. 8
Darnell, Claude H.
Fire Controlman 2nd Class
Decker, Ernest E.
Lieutenant (j.g.) (USNR)
Drazba, Peter A.
Signalman 2nd Class (USNR)
Epperson, Jr., Roy K.
Seaman 1st Class (USCG)
Fair, Jr., Victor N.
Lieutenant (j.g.) (USNR)
Ferguson, Robert A.
Fireman 1st Class
Francis, Terrance M.
Officer's Cook 3rd Class
Gillikin, Walton
Boatswain's Mate 2nd Class (USCG)
Hogan, William F.
Seaman 2nd Class
Hogard, Fred T.
Chief Signalman
Metzger, Jake
Seaman 2nd Class (USNR)
Died of wounds Sept. 7
Seely, Arthur J.
Signalman 1st Class
Sheehan, John F.
Chief Boatswain's Mate
Shepard, Ishler V.
Fireman 1st Class
Smith, Reynolds C.
Lt. Commander
Wilson, John M.
Lieutenant (USNR)
Awarded Silver Star (Posthumously), USS Harry F. Bauer DM-26 named in his honor.

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Roll of Honor
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