USS Admiral C. F. Hughes AP-124
USAT General Edwin D. Patrick
USNS General Edwin D. Patrick T-AP-124

Oct. 10, 2010

I was a rather reluctant draftee and U. S. Army Signal Corps PFC in the fall of 1953 when I boarded the USNS General Patrick for a leisurely cruise to "FECOM" and a year's holiday in Japan. As I remember it, the trip across the Pacific was uneventful, particularly as I was able to finagle an assignment as editor of the ship's newspaper -- really nothing more than a three or four page mimeographed newsletter of information provided via radio from the Armed Forces Radio Network. Great memories!

Best to all,
Roger Johnson
Eugene, Oregon

Nov. 7, 2009

I am researching this ship, the USS Admiral CF Hughes AP-124, for my Father-in-Law, Paul G. Beaudet who served on this ship during WWII in the Pacific theater. I think that he is possibly looking to find any old shipmates that are still around. I am also cc'ing this to him so you will have his email for any future communications. Thank you for your time.

Peter H. Bryant
Manchester, New Hampshire
USAF retired

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Apr. 26, 2010

My grandfather served aboard the C.F. Hughes from 4-9-1945 to 11-24-1945. He was discharged 11-24-1945. He was on board for its longest voyage and the one in which the Japanese POWs were on board. If Mr. Bryant wishes to contact me, you may release to him my email address. My grandfather, Macon Lee "Bud" Hudson is still living, albeit in poor health. He is 88 years of age.

Suzanne Williams


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