USS Bataan LHD-5

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June 10, 2005: USS Bataan LHD-5 underway in the Atlantic Ocean.


June 13, 2005: USS Bataan LHD-5 conducting a man overboard drill in the Atlantic Ocean.


June 18, 2005: All eight MV-22 Osprey's of Marine Tlitrotor Operational Test and Evaluation Squadron
(VMX-22) prepare to take off of the USS Bataan LHD-5 during the final operational test phase for the Osprey.


August 29, 2005: Three MH-53E Sea Dragons of Helicopter Mine Countermeasures Squadron Fifteen (HM-15)
are deployed on the USS Bataan LHD-5 in preparation for possible relief efforts along the Gulf Coast in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.


August 31, 2005: Commander, Joint Task Force Katrina, U.S. Army Lt. Gen. Russel Honore arriving on the
USS Bataan LHD-5 to inspect the ship's disaster relief operations capabilities.


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