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Feb. 29, 2012

HMS VICTORY the oldest commissioned warship in the world is to be surrendered by the Royal Navy and title handed to the National Museum of the Royal Navy at Portsmouth. At present as a ship of HMs Navy funding rests exclusively on the Defence Budget and from nowhere else. As a "museum ship" and no longer commissioned as HMS the owners can seek funding for upkeep restoration and running costs from individuals, corporate bodies, and charitable institutions.

Also the venue can be used for renting out for "events" corporate and otherwise at modest or exorbitant charges. VICTORY will probably be given special dispensation by the Board of Admiralty to carry the courtesy title HMS and wear the white ensign (a la BELFAST). The Second Sea Lord intends that it shall remain as his personal flagship. Under plans being considered uniformed RN personnel will still remain visible onboard and manage the day to day events and visitors etc.

Robert Edmonds

Dec. 17, 2008

I have a cutlass that came from my husbands grandfather. It was supposed to have previously belonged to a crew member on the Victory. There is also a mark pressed into the surface on the leather scabbard, looks like
an arrow pointing upwards or maybe an V upside down, and a number underneath, maybe 30, or BO, or BC very
difficult to tell. You can see it slightly in the photo below, even with a magnifying glass it is impossible to read.
Anything you can tell me about it would be most helpful.


Jo Sherwood

June 15, 2007

I just stayed in an old hotel in Washington D.C. which had two very large commemorative prints of the first voyage of the HMS Victory (full sail) and one of the last voyage. Have you ever seen these and any idea if prints might be available somewhere? They are really beautiful.

Sheila Owen

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