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June 7, 2023

My father (Edward Willis) served a short time on HMS Indefatigable as a Royal Marine while doing his national service. While sorting though some old family photos I found an HMS Indefatigable menu for Christmas Day 1947 that I thought might be of interest to someone, also an October 1947 passing out photo for his B.24 Squad with their names. I remember dad telling me during his national service he spent a lot of time sailing around but never landed in a foreign country.

Best regards,
Les Willis
May 26, 2022

Does anyone have any information regarding an accident aboard HMS Indefatigable 18 February 1946 that killed Ian Garbutt Hatton?

Best regards,
Colin Coates
Saltaire Historian
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May 28, 2022

Here is what I have;
Temporary Sub-Lieutenant (A) Ian G. Hatton, RNVR, 887 Sdn. FAA. Died in an air crash 18 Feb. 1946, missing presumed killed, body not recovered.

Michael W. Pocock
Apr. 18, 2022

My uncle, Lionel George Athersych, (born 21/2/26) served on HMS Indefatigable in the Far East / Australia towards the end of WWII, but may have been in the Merchant Navy prior to that. I found an old photo of him wearing a blazer with a whale or dolphin cloth badge on his chest pocket. I know submariners have badges incorporating these creatures, but I don't know the significance of this in my uncle's case, if any. Lionel' son knows little of his time on board. Apparently, there may have been an incident on board and he might have been demoted as a result of it. He never spoke of it, but my Mother remembers her parents being angry with him, although as a young girl, she was not party to the conversation. Any information at all would be appreciated. Two photos of Lionel showing below.

Many thanks,
Dawn Catchpole
July 27, 2021

I am researching an item on the 1953 Coronation Revue at Spithead. (see my report November 14th 2008 on Maritime Quest 'HMS Indefatigable Spring Cruise 1953') My main aim is to find any of my old shipmates - not from my Course: they are all 'gone'. I was on board Inderfat from May 18th to July 29th 1953. I very much want to make contact with anyone who was also on board Indefat during that period. On June 15th 2018 I took part in an item for BBC TV (Southern) about the 1953 Review - I hope to do a more comprehensive show in 2023 for the Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

Cheers, Robert Reed
ex NA2, Upper Yardsman (A) and finally Mid(A) RNVR. (retired 1955)

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