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May 7, 2020

I am looking for any photographs or information on my grandad Stanley David John Hussey. All I know was he was on HMS illustrious 1952. He would have been young, he was born in 1931 so would've only been 20-21 at the time. He was a proud man who never mentioned his time in the Royal Marines but then went on to serve in the Devon and Cornwall Police, any photos/information is greatly appreciated.

Kindest Regards,
Jade Hussey

July 20, 2019

My late father, Herbert James Newton (always known as Jim,) served on Illustrious as a PO, from 1941 until the end of the war. He was an aircraft engine mechanic. He spoke about been on Illustrious, passed on his love of aircraft and their sounds to me. Yet as in many posts on this site he never said much about what they had been through, or his friends. I don't even know what or where his medals went. Again I cannot find his name in any records, yet I do have his Petty Officer hat. Warm Regards to all on this site.

Ian Newton

May 9, 2019

I have sat on the photograph album of my father A. Martlew, D.S.M, for many years without a clue to his history or it's relevance... having found this board and read a little I feel compelled to share it. I've established my Dad was in the engine room and served on HMS ILLUSTRIOUS for many years during WWII. I believe he was awarded his medal for distinguished service while in Malta? My father considered himself no hero... as did the others who served neither did he ever forget Armistice Day, still poignant to me now remembering those 'less fortunate than he was.' Lest we forget.

Judie Martlew

Dec. 31, 2018

Looking for anyone who remembers Ronald Winston Berry (my husband's father, now deceased), stoker, on Lusty during the 2nd World War.

Helena Berry

Dec. 7, 2018

My dad serve on the illustrious. From 31 Oct 1943 till 20 March then went on the High Flyer he went on the Drake then back on the Illustrious in1946. He did not talk about the war. I know that was on a lot of ships.

Dave Hodkinson

Nov. 10, 2018

I'm seeking information on an uncle by the name of George Rainbow,  now buried at Ducklington in Oxfordshire, but from Eynsham originally? He served on HMS Illustrious in the Mediterranean. In conversation with my elderly mother she recalls him returning home and lifting her up and banging her head on the ceiling which leaves me to believe he was a man of some stature. I'm interested in any information relating to his service. I recall the possibility that he was a Petty Officer, but this are taken from the reminiscences of a then 6 or 7 year old.

Darren Whittington

Aug. 6, 2018

My mother was from St. Helens and she always spoke about her brother Billy serving on the Illustrious at the defense of Malta, serving an "ack-ack" gun and losing a leg. I would like to know more. I have no pictures, nor anything else, other than this bit of information.

Brian James Wolle

July 14, 2018

My dad, Richard Clegg, served 1951-1953. Service number d/kx903073, 14 mess. Is trying to look up old friends.

Jack Clegg

Jan. 25, 2018

My father was aboard the Illustrious from 1944 to 45. I believe he was an officer based on his old WWII Illustrious "Officer's Log Book" which I read through rather quickly as a young boy.

He was a very strong, and powerful man physically, and walked 20 miles every day of his life, only scaling back to 5 miles after Mum became ill. He had a six pack and huge rock hard muscles which all my punk pals drooled over when they saw him working without a shirt on in the scorching ht summer! Long before body building became so popular.

I believe he may have been a physical fitness adviser, or phys-ed instructor on the carrier. He never, ever talked about his service during WWII, or transferring to the British Army after the war believing after all that carnage there would be no more wars, and he could stay fit in the army. Then came to 48 multi Arab combined unprovoked attacks on Israel and he found himself back at war!

I can't find his name of any Illustrious rolls at the time he served in 1944-45, and I am hoping you can direct my search to a successful conclusion. My father was thoroughly sickened by war and would very, very rarely talk about, other than a very few brief and basic instances when yours truly, hassled him mercilessly as a chatter box and a half young punk boy!

He attempted to hide this service from all of us, including Mum, and we only pieced together a slight picture of his military life aboard that carrier after Mum found the contents from a large box he had left on the curb for garbage collection! I have his medals, and the log book is at my sister's home, but because of a family situation I doubt I'll ever see it again, if she hasn't thrown it out already.

My father was such an awesome person, and he spent his entire life helping others. Dad won a "Heart of Gold" award for his unprecedented service and care of over 200 troubled youth, and dementia patients, as well as all other types of ailments, which the elderly had when I cared for them. In all the years Mum and Dad spent guiding, and caring for youth, and we're talking angry, out of control pre and teenage kids, not one single one of them ever even attempted to run away! That was an unprecedented fact, through the C.A.S. Children's Aid Society, who had never seen this ever!

Dad died under extremely horrific circumstances, and we were denied a wake, service, and burial for reasons involving my sister. So I am attempting to put together a sort of Bio on Dad so we can have a get together in remembrance.

I am hopeful you can turn me in the right direction to where I can find his name on record aboard the Illustrious, and get any further details as to what his job was, and what he was or was bot involved with aboard that carrier. His name did not appear on the list you posted on your wen site, and after years of searching I am at a crossroads where I want to discover these details, which have completely deflated my energy - or is it time to just let it go?

His name was - Michael D. Chesterman, and he served aboard the Illustrious during 1944 through the end in 1945. He was born in 1924 (I might be wrong on the year he was born, but I am pretty confident.) on August 27th. Thank you for the incredible work, as well as your time and efforts to provide all this incredible detail and information!

Jack Chesterman
Southern Ontario, Canada

Aug. 9, 2017

My father Jim Pettigrew served on Illustrious WWII, 44/45. Involved in Palembang raid at Sumatra as navigator on Grumman Avenger. Anyone have any knowledge of him? I think he was in 854 Squadron based at Trinco/Ceylon.

John Pettigrew

Oct. 4, 2014

I would appreciate it if you or anyone could help give any information about my father in law Harold Newton Born in Basford Nottingham. We know he served on HMS Illustrious and was an Engineers Metal Machinist in 1943. However he did once say he worked on Radar but not sure about this. His service no was D/J x 555063. My husband's name is Peter Kenneth Newton and I would love to find this information as a surprise for him.

Thank you,
Mavis Newton

Aug. 13, 2014

My father Harry Arrowsmith (Chief? PO Stoker) was on the illustrious in the Med during the attack near Malta. I have two photos taken from another ship nearby of bombs dropping on the ship and also a picture of the several officers in a ward room are they of interest to you?

Alan Arrowsmith

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Aug. 27, 2018

Alan Arrowsmith is my cousin, with whom I lost contact more than fifty years ago. I have a photograph which is possibly the last time I saw him, it dates back to the early fifties. Is it possible to pass on my details to him?

Yours hopefully,
Ken Smith

Aug. 28, 2018
I forwarded your email, but his email address is no longer in use.
Michael W. Pocock

January 10, 1941: HMS Illustrious under attack off Malta.

January 10, 1941: HMS Illustrious under attack off Malta.

Officers of HMS Illustrious.

Aug. 11, 2014

I am looking for recollections, photos and any history of my Grandfather - Leslie Cartwright, Flight Deck Division, who served (I believe from 1943 to 1946) on board.  Hopefully will have some more pictures to share soon. We have a few photos of him, though would love to be able to show him more on his 90th birthday soon.  He was from Dudley, West Midlands before serving on board. Very grateful for any information/pictures that are available to share.

Nigel Spiller

Leslie Cartwright.

Leslie Cartwright.

Jan. 12, 2014

Does anyone have records for HMS illustrious 1952-53? I am researching James Stewart (my dad) Royal
Navy 1946-58 signals, Chatham base Dad was also a boxer in the navy. Any news is good news.

Jeff Stewart
Melbourne Australia

Dec. 27, 2013

My Grandfather Walter William Charles Miles once served on HMS Illustrious, but don't know when he served
as he also served on Victorious in the WWII. I was wondering if anyone had info that might help.

Sharon Webb

Nov. 11, 2013

My grandfather John (Jack) Lumley was a Chief Petty Officer on the HMS Illustrious during WWII. He died a few years ago. He can be seen in the photo below second from the left.  From looking at your message boards and pictures I believe third from the right is Richard Griffins.

Karen Lumley
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Feb. 27, 2022

I am writing about message 51 from Karen Lumley, on the page below. My father, Aircraft Mechanic First Class Thomas Henry Green, DOB 27 021924, was on HMS Illustrious, and I think it may be him standing second from the right on the photo below.  Dad would have only been about 18 to 20 years of age at that time, and I was not born till 1956. He died quite young from cancer. I wondered if you, Karen Lumley, or anyone else might have any further information about the photo, or have come across any similar photos.

Many thanks - I am grateful,
Stephen Thomas Green

Oct. 8, 2013

I am looking for any information about my father Robert 'Bob' Sweet who served on the Illustrious during the war. He passed away a while ago and his wife/my mother this year and I would love to find out more about his time in the Navy Photographs would be wonderful.

Barry Sweet

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