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Apr. 11, 2023

My dad was Donald Edward MacDonald Hardie, LF927031. He went to Portsmouth to start his life in the Royal Navy 21st April 1953 and was based in Singapore, on the Hermes R-12. He was a Aircraft Engineer/Petty Officer. My dad lived in Crystal Palace and there was a celebration at his home and he brought home his friends from the navy. He has so many wonderfull memories. I'm his daughter and we always talk about his life at sea. He passed his driving test through the navy, but wasn't aloud to fly the aircraft due to his eyesight. My dad could of stayed on and done his remaining years, but he let 1970 as he fell in love with my mum. My dad has just turned 88 and has Parkinson's disease, his mobility isn't good at all but his memory is fully intact. Captain T. T. Lewin and Captain William O'Brien we believe was his captain to, but sadly both have now passed away. Be lovely to hear from anyone who can help me find his navy friends or would know about there dads who to was on the Hermes R-12. He has a wonderfull memory of meeting Haile Selassie!

Lisa Edwards
Jan. 16, 2021

My dad is still alive, but I would love to see if I could get in touch with some of his old colleagues, even if just to share a memory or two to show my dad. His name is Roger Jones i'm pretty sure he would of started 1967/68 and I think he left around 73? He was in communications on HMS Hermes and my uncle Brian Jones would of started a year/2 years later on HMS Ganges. I dont have a service number or anything so I don't know if you will need more info? Sorry never done this before. Thanks ever so much in advance.

Kind regards,
Harriet Brown

Jan. 15, 2021

I was on HMS Hermes on loan draft 73/74 from Ark Royal and looking for some old shipmates. Me, Bob Lane, nickname Shady Lane Steward. Looking for Tony Kashem (I believe that's his surname and Skippy Saich both Stewards.

Bob Lane

May 29, 2020

My dad, Anthony John Green, served on board 1968 in the Far East he was a chief petty officer as far as I know he was an aircraft Electra. Does any one have any information or do you remember him?

Thank you,
Lynne Simmonite née Green

Nov. 25, 2016

What a surprise to find this site, had a lot of fun with the Royal  Marine detachment who ran the four landing craft on HMS Hermes during the 1974 Cyprus evacuation, I was their electrical technician, went with them whenever they were lowered overboard, very fond memories. Snarky Ward was their Sergeant great guy. Always remember when the coxswain forgot to place the bungs in the landing craft before lowering nearly sunk hotel 1. Thanks for this site.

Kind regards,
Stage Simmonds
Ex POEL of HMS Hermes 1974

Oct. 8, 2016

I only spend 10 weeks on board as an officer cadet, part of the Dartmouth Training Squadron (DTS) from early Jan to Mar 79. This was my first time in the Royal Navy aboard an aircraft carrier. I had been a sea cadet previously for 7 years, so experience trips at sea on HMS DIOMEDE AND ZULU plus visited many ships in Pompey dockyard cap tally hunting.

Whilst on HMS HERMES visited Napoli and Piraeus plus the mandatory visit to Gib, as the first and last port of call to get the maximum Local Overseas Allowance (LOA). I made my first ship to shore phone call from deep within the ship to wish my Dad happy birthday. I also had a trick on the ships helm and my claim to fame was winning the Top of the Rock race and my time of 21 mins and one sec was not bad as running in the pussers daps did little to aid the run.

Bob McMann and Phil Beaumount where both on board as Seaking maintainers from CU and both mates of mine whilst members of Barnsley Sea Cadet Corps. I remember living in a RM mess, 6P2 about 6 inches below my oppos bunk and had virtually no locker space to stow any gear. When cleaning the heads and bathrooms, used to play a cassette tape called Don't Walk Boogie, dancing with the mops and buckets to make the not to pleasant job more bearable. All the Officers Under Training (OUTs) where disembarked in landing craft some where near the Lizard (I think) to catch a bus back to BRNC. It was a rough sea but I only have happy memories.

During one of our morning musters, the OUT in charge took the parade orders too literally and shouted Squad Attention!!, and he was quickly corrected. As OUTs about 150 in total, we where split into 10 divisions spending a week in each department/section. Does that add up:  ME, WE, Ops, Seamanship, Air, Air Engineering (my branch, it was good being a WAFU), S&S, Comms, Bridge and last but not least Sick Bay. Some of my memories may have faded slightly.

The ships laundry did a good job as I was introduced to circuit training in the hangar and not sure what was put on the deck, similar to charcoal, as any white PT kit, quickly turned black. Another unusual experience was learning Navy speak, especially names of meals served, one name I never discovered was for the coloured ice cream severed in the junior rates dining room. The green, chocolate flavoured and the brown, mint flavoured ice cream still are vivid memories as they certainly mixed up my taste buds.

David Gibson

Feb. 23, 2016

I'm doing research for a friend and was a band member on the Hermes. Back in 1979. His name is Clement Cocker.  I'm putting all his memories in a book. He would very much like to find out anything band members etc.

Many thanks,
Chris Morton

Feb. 1, 2016

Was in Med 1974 during the Cyprus evacuation. USN on board the USS SPIEGEL GROVE LSD-32. I spent one night on board HMS HERMES. Had a great time. Got to stand watch in CIC. This was a NATO operation where ships swapped men for a 24 hour period. I can still remember the warm ale. Was a nice treat as we didn't have any alcohol on board. Sailors traded some uniform parts. I still have mine today. Thanks to the crew for treating us so well.

William Scull
Galloway, New Jersey


Nov. 12, 2015

Just saw your website and was reading the message board re HMS Hermes, or the Happy H. I was a young steward Steve (Mo Morris) from Frome, Somerset. Had some great mates and great trips including being part of the fleet review, and norfolk virginia. Would be great to chat with any ex stewards onboard at the time, my Oppo Paul Whyman sadly died in an industrial accident 20 plus years ago. Also read a young sailor from the USS America chatting we all mixed with their crew in Norfolk, Virginia and ironically the chap comes from Hagerstown where my cousins live.

Steve Morris

Oct. 5, 2014

I served on Hermes from late 72 through to late late 75. I had various Junior WE Officer jobs and was also ship's exped officer, film officer, and on the diving team. I was diving officer after Brian Jervis, until Autumn 75. I too remember the Cyprus events and gave up my accommodation to evacuee families. Wonderful memories of New York, Caribbean, Nova Scotia, Montreal, and several AMPs and DEDs in Malta. Lots of climbing, sailing, and diving expends, and a thoroughly enjoyable three years with great people!

Mike Buggy

Aug. 10, 2014

I am yet another person christened on the Hermes as my Dad as a CPO on board at the time. His name as John Wakefield and I was born on boxing day in 1960. He sadly died around my 11th year, but I did hear that I was christened onboard before he died. I often wondered if the ships bell is available to see if my name really is on it. Rumour has it he was also the first man to navigate the hovercraft SRN 1 with Captain Sirad out in Borneo. I do have some of his letters he sent back home.

Kind Regards,
John Wakefield (jnr)

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