HMS Prince of Wales
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December 10, 1941 HMS Prince of Wales (top) and HMS Repulse under attack by Japanese aircraft off Malaysia.


December 10, 1941 HMS Prince of Wales (left) with HMS Repulse behind under attack off Malaysia.
The destroyer is either HMS Express or HMS Electra. Photo taken by one of the attacking aircraft.


December 10, 1941 HMS Express removing crewmen from HMS Prince of Wales.


A Japanese postcard showing the destruction of HMS Prince of Wales and HMS Repulse.
The translation reads;
(bottom of card) "Sea Battle off Malaya 10 December 1941"
(left side) "Our Sea Eagles deliver a crushing blow to the main strength of the English Far Eastern Fleet, Prince of Wales and Repulse"

The (Osaka) postmark reads: "Great East Asia War 1st anniversary" Note what
appears to be the silhouettes of a battleship (complete with pagoda mast) and a tank on the postmark.

The small writing next to the picture reads: "Navy Ministry permit No. 2806", presumably some kind of censor's approval.

The aircraft depicted are Mitsubishi Type 96 attack bombers, ironically enough already obsolescent by late 1941.

(Translation by Mark Wescott)


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