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The Seven Glorious HMS Amethyst's 1793-1956
By George Hickinbottom
1994 Amethyst Publisher & Distributor

Hard Cover with dust jacket
(6"x 8½")

The history of all seven Royal Navy ships named Amethyst.

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Only 317 Survived
By USS Indianapolis Survivors
2002 Printing Partners

Hardcover with dust jacket (new)

521 pages (6½" x 9½")

The only collection of first hand accounts ever
published about the sinking of the USS Indianapolis.

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signed by Indianapolis survivor Cleatus Lebow. To
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WW II In The Gulf of Mexico
A compilation of 102 articles written for The Courier newspaper in Houma,
Louisiana covers many aspects of the U-boat war in the Gulf and other military
subjects. The author conducted extensive research and interviews during many
years and has provided a very interesting look at a part of the war often forgotten.

By C. J. Christ

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C. J. Christ
P.O. Box 10037
Houma, Louisiana 70363
One Came Home
The true story about twin brothers who are called to serve their country
together in the Korean War. This book is a labor of love from one brother to
another and is filled with photos and documents which record every aspect
of their service and the extraordinary effort to keep the memory of those
who served in Korea alive. 320 pages hardback, autographed on request.

By Vincent A. Krepps

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